The “upwardly mobile” enterprise

Setting the strategic agenda

Much as e-business represented a fundamental business shift in the early part of this century, mobile technology offers a unique opportunity today. Far more than simply an emerging consumer channel, mobile capabilities are disrupting traditional business models, providing businesses with new sources of insight, and driving top- and bottom-line results.

Our survey of over 600 companies and interviews with 30 mobile leaders suggests that less than half of organizations have comprehensive mobile strategies in place to address the broad challenges of implementation. Further, only a handful of leaders are poised to take full advantage of new mobile opportunities.

Organizations are in the midst of a new wave of mobile capabilities that can drastically reshape business models; drive increasing levels of employee productivity; and reinvent how customers learn about, interact with, and purchase goods and services. Given these significant opportunities, what are companies doing to develop mobile strategies and prioritize investments? How are they using mobile capabilities to provide faster, more effective customer support and redefine their business models? What are they doing to develop an infrastructure to address challenges regarding integration and security?

These are some of the questions driving the survey we conducted in conjunction with Oxford Economics. Through our survey, we identified a subset of companies – “mobile strategy leaders” – that have established a clear direction for their mobile efforts and outperform their peers across a number of metrics. These leaders have also reaped benefits from their mobile investments, with 73 percent seeing measurable ROI versus 34 percent of all other companies. As we see from our survey results, mobility holds the promise of delivering a new set of capabilities that not only will dramatically increase the speed of commerce, but also force companies to rethink the foundations of their competitive differentiation.

Mobility is not simply an initiative, a program, a discrete channel or a passing institutional fad. Rather, it is becoming a pervasive lens through which the organization must consider its fundamental tenets: how it interacts with its customers; how it develops and delivers products and services; and how it applies its physical, human and digital capital.

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