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The past 15 years have brought a slew of changes to retailers. Technological innovations, shifts in consumer lifestyles and the growth of global markets have introduced new opportunities – and new challenges. Blurred industry boundaries have enabled new players to join the retail game. The winners will be those retailers that not only meet customer expectations, but also anticipate and shape them. The retailer of the future will embrace technology to create innovative solutions that extend the customer relationship beyond the shopping experience. In this report, we share strategies to help retailers reimagine the business.


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Study highlights

Leading retailers will anticipate, shape and exceed customer expectation, as opposed to simply meeting them.

Personalization of the shopping experience will be a key competitive advantage for the foreseeable future.

The 2025 retailer will remain agile while delivering a seamless experience across channel through a digitally integrated infrastructure.

About the authors


Simon Glass

Simon Glass
Global Retail Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value


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