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Cognitive China: Creating a blueprint for an AI-enabled China

Cognitive China: Creating a blueprint for an AI-enabled China

Updated 23 Jan 2018

This report offers a functional roadmap to help Chinese executives chart their AI-enabled future.

Germany’s promise: Opportunities to realize Germany’s economic potential

Germany’s promise: Opportunities to realize Germany’s economic potential

Updated 13 Sep 2017

By addressing challenges directly, Germany can sustain its role as economic engine of the region and industrial inspiration for the world.

Data-driven dividends: Get more from your data

Data-driven dividends: Get more from your data

Updated 28 Aug 2017

Data is an untapped resource that offers opportunities for new products, business models and partnerships.

Banking on India: Transformation, reinvention and the future of India’s banking industry

Banking on India: Transformation, reinvention and the future of India’s banking industry

Updated 14 Aug 2017

By adopting Digital Reinvention™ strategies, India’s banks can challenge global leadership to be among the strongest in the world.

In or out? Succeeding in the ecosystem economy

In or out? Succeeding in the ecosystem economy

Updated 19 July 2017

Central bank and financial system regulators around the world are asking themselves how blockchain is going to change their technology underpinnings and those of the commercial banks and financial institutions they regulate.

The innovation imperative

The innovation imperative

Updated 12 July 2017

Innovation 2.0 moves organizations beyond “innovation theater” into a more mature adoption of innovations that drives measurable business results.

Growing China: Regional contributions to economic success

Growing China: Regional contributions to economic success

Updated 26 June 2017

China's growth trajectory differs across city tiers due to unique regional economic characteristics and strategic priorities.

FinTech innovation

Fintech innovation

Updated 24 Feb 2017

How goal-based investing, robo-advising and gamification are transforming the experience of investing in the cognitive era.

Entrepreneurial India: How startups redefine India’s economic growth

Updated 18 Nov 2016

More engagement between India’s startup and traditional organizations can reap benefits that extend well beyond the startups, driving growth for the Indian economy overall.

China’s challenge: Maintaining economic leadership in an uncertain world

Updated 23 Jul 2016

Learn how Chinese executives can drive transformation and help secure China’s economic future.

Japan ascending: Four steps to reignite growth and vitality in the Japanese economy

Updated 06 Jul 2016

Learn how Japanese organizations can recapture past success and once again assume a leadership role in global business ecosystems.

The Chief Data Officer playbook: Creating a game plan to sharpen your digital edge

Updated 25 May 2016

The Chief Data Officer is increasingly the C-suite’s solution to navigating today’s disruptive, dynamic, data-intensive world.

More than magic:  How the most successful organizations innovate

More than magic: How the most successful organizations innovate

Updated Apr 2016

How specific strategies can help all organizations innovate like an outperformer

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Beyond listening: Shifting focus to the business of social

Updated 21 Oct 2015

Leading organizations are extending the impact of social data to enhance customer interaction, transform business processes and drive innovation.

Your cognitive future - Industry perspectives: How cognitive computing capabilities can help vitalize industries and impact the future

Updated 04 Sep 2015

Industry-specific reports reveal how cognitive computing helps organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.

Innovative analytics: How the world’s most successful organizations use analytics to innovate

Updated 14 Apr 2015

Data from our recent innovation survey revealed a group of Leaders that are using innovation infused with big data and analytics to drive outperformance.

The new age of ecosystems Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment

Updated July 2014

It is important to understand why ecosystems are beginning to emerge today and how they differ from traditional markets.

Small worlds - The social approach to software delivery

Updated 06 Jun 2012

Time-based performance has never been more important for competing effectively in today's tough global markets, requiring many organizations to rethink their approach to software delivery.

Solving the innovation puzzle: A framework for consistent innovation in banking and insurance

Updated 27 Oct 2010

By better understanding innovation triggers, banks and insurers will be on the right path to developing an effective framework to help them offer radical – and useful – innovation to their clients.

Working in the open: Accelerating time to value in application development and management

Updated 04 Mar 2010

Our open-collaboration model is enabling communities of our specialists to work, connect, communicate and innovate faster and more effectively in a globally integrated workspace that increases time to value.

Rethinking retailing with SOA: New levels of flexibility, agility and cost-efficiency

Updated 30 Apr 2009

Build a flexible infrastructure, Boost workplace efficiency, Optimize IT investments, Optimize supply chains and ops.

Service-oriented architecture: Measuring SOA's ROI in the new economic environment

Updated 30 Apr 2009

With service-oriented architecture (SOA), good things don't come to those who wait. While companies shouldn't abandon building a business case for SOA, they should, in the interest of speed, take a simpler, more intuitive approach.

Service-oriented architecture: Unlocking hidden value in insurance systems

Updated 30 Apr 2009

Insurance companies are under increasing pressure to become more innovative and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers a number of advantages that, when understood and exploited by both the business and IT sides of an insurer, can help address any number of business challenges.

Blueprint for supply chain visibility: Service-oriented architecture can help drive agility, supplier collaboration and demand-driven replenishment

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Businesses should consider implementing service-oriented architecture to become increasing agile in managing supply chain issues in today's complex, global business environment.

Changing the way industries work: Making business smarter, more flexible and faster

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Changing the way industries work: The impacts of service-oriented architecture.

From possibility to actuality: Why social services and social security organizations are turning to SOA

Updated 21 Apr 2009

A Service Oriented Architecture can help public social services and social security organizations become more efficient, flexible and effective by optimizing their existing IT investments.

Rewiring for global integration: Connecting the electronics value chain with SOA

Updated 21 Apr 2009

SOA helps electronics companies become globally integrated enterprises and can facilitate more efficient operations and an improved customer experience.

Service-oriented architecture: Revolutionizing today's banking systems

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help reduce the IT inhibitors to change allowing banks to collaborate more effectively within their own four walls, among each other, and with their customers.

SOA for health plans: New connections for new business models

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Service-oriented architecture can help the many countries and organizations struggling to address rapidly rising healthcare costs, through efficient and effective information management.

The new biopharmaceutical blueprint: Aligning business and IT with service-oriented architecture

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can serve as the new blueprint for aligning business and IT.

The new economic environment: A strategic workforce perspective

Updated 10 Dec 2008

Questions about composition and capabilities of the workforce are never more pertinent that in times of economic distress, when decisions must be made that affect productivity, morale, retention of corporate knowledge and competitive positioning.

Integrated talent management

Updated 04 Sep 2008

Most organizations recognize the importance of aligning talent management and organizational strategies, and many believe they are already making progress; however, execution and integration still challenge many who participated in our recent human capital management survey.

Where there's smoke - Achieving safe and reliable operations with enterprise risk management

Updated 03 Sep 2008

Chemical and petroleum companies often view risk management through a limited health, safety and environmental lens, but an IBM Institute for Business Value study reveals a distinct correlation between integrated risk management and market performance.

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