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Cybersecurity in the cognitive era: Priming your digital immune system

Updated 01 Nov 2016

In the cognitive era, organizations face well-known security challenges that lead to gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy when confronting threats and incidents.

Cyber and beyond: Insurance and risk in a digitally interconnected world

Cyber and beyond: Insurance and risk in a digitally interconnected world

Updated Nov 2016

To navigate the risks of the digitally interconnected environment, insurers must build the right solutions and collaborate extensively.

Securing the C-suite: Cybersecurity perspectives from the boardroom and C-suite

Updated 11 Aug 2016

Cybersecurity solutions must encompass not only technical fixes, but also changes in business processes, controls, management and employee behavior.

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Emerging security trends and risks

Updated 18 Jun 2012

Executives can address emerging security risks by: building a proactive security intelligence capability; developing a unified view of endpoints, including mobile devices; protecting information assets at the database level; and creating safer social habits.

Managing threats in the digital age: Addressing security, risk and compliance in the C-suite

Updated 25 Aug 2011

Security is now unquestionably a C-suite priority and organizations need a systematic and proactive approach to address security threats and manage compliance requirements.

The evolving role of IT managers and CIOs: Findings from the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study

Updated 16 Sep 2010

Mounting regulatory demands, the growth of 24x7 online business and the constant shadow of an uncertain economy underscore the importance of managing risk in all its forms – whether related to business, data or events.

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