Population Health Management (PHM) will become an almost universally accepted method for healthcare delivery and management in the United States by the end of this decade, according to a new IBM study. PHM is becoming increasingly important for both payers and providers, as new payment models are applied that put outcomes and value of care ahead of quantity. Even as PHM develops and matures, it is already beginning a transformation – one that shifts focus to earlier-at-risk populations to keep them healthier longer, while also exploring more efficient ways of managing the chronically ill. From an analysis of the projected state of healthcare by 2020, we believe that PHM will converge with Precision Medicine, which incorporates genomic data to personalize optimal treatments for individual patients, to create an entirely new paradigm in healthcare services. This first in a series of reports about the future of healthcare focuses on the current and projected state of PHM and foreshadows the evolution to a new model we call Precision Health and Wellness.

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Study highlights

99% of respondents agree - Population Health Management is essential for healthcare transformation at a national level in the United States

61% of respondents say genomic data tops their needs by 2020, indicating a convergence of PHM and Precision Medicine

37% providers - 35% payers - say a mounting shift in resource allocation will continue away from applying PHM to populations with active (chronic) disease toward increasing investment in at-risk populations to keep them healthier longer

About the authors

Charles A. Coleman

Charles A. Coleman
Global Population Health Management (PHM) Portfolio
IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

Angus McCann

Angus McCann
Healthcare Technology Specialist, European healthcare,
IBM Global Business Services

Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser
IBM Institute for Business Value,
Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Lead

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