Millennials: The real story

The first wave of Millennials is rising up the ranks at work and shaping — or making — key business decisions. It’s important to understand the impact they’re having on today’s changing workplace, but if the buzz is to be believed, they’re either lazy narcissists or energized optimists bent on saving the world. So, what’s really going on? Our multigenerational study of employees in 12 countries debunks 5 common myths and exposes 3 “uncomfortable truths” that apply irrespective of age. Millennials — as digital natives — bring vital value to a work environment in the midst of a digital revolution. But in many ways, they are a lot like their older colleagues.

Study highlights

54% of Millennials don't fully understand their organization's business strategy (for baby boomers, it's 58%). -

47% of Gen X would leave their current job for another offering more money and more innovative environment (for Millennials, it's 42%). -

70% of Baby Boomers don't think their organization is effectively addressing the customer experience (for Millennials, it's 60%). -

About the author

Carolyn Baird

Carolyn Baird
Global Research Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV)

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