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Disrupting drug discovery: How artificial intelligence is transforming drug research

Disrupting drug discovery: How artificial intelligence is transforming drug research

Updated 10 Sep 2018

Artificial intelligence is being used in drug discovery because it can reveal hidden patterns and connections in data.

Weather matters to life sciences and pharma organizations

Weather matters to life sciences and pharma organizations

Updated 20 June 2018

How is weather impacting the life sciences and pharma industry? Find out how weather insights can bring back the sunshine.

Life Sciences: Incumbents Strike Back

Life Sciences: Incumbents Strike Back

Updated 20 March 2018

How are life sciences executives tackling change? Explore industry insights based on input from the 19th IBM Global C-suite Study.

Team Medicine: How life sciences can win with blockchain

Team Medicine: How life sciences can win with blockchain

Updated 02 Mar 2018

Learn how blockchain technology can work for life sciences to help reduce cost, time and risk, as well as create new business models.

Building trust in Insurance: Blockchain to the rescue

Building trust in Insurance: Blockchain to the rescue

Updated 19 Feb 2018

Insurance is following close behind banking — another industry that grapples with trust issues — in the evaluation and adoption of blockchain technologies.

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Driving positive outcomes: Digital Reinvention in life sciences

Updated 10 Oct 2017

Digital technologies are helping life sciences companies secure short-term finances and gain long-term industry benefits.

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Scaling safety expertise in life sciences: A turning point in pharmacovigilance

Updated April 2017

TTo navigate the risks of the digitally interconnected environment, insurers must build the right solutions and collaborate extensively.

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The evolution of life science ecosystems: Five effective innovation strategies for academia

Updated 19 Jul 2016

This report explores the distinct innovation strategies that help academic institutions become more essential to the rapidly evolving life sciences ecosystems.

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Prescribing a digital transformation for life sciences

Updated 01 Mar 2016

Learn how cognitive computing is helping life sciences organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.

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New and necessary in life sciences: Six innovation strategies from industry leaders

Updated 02 Oct 2015

Explore six innovation strategies of successful life sciences companies thriving within industry and economic volatility.

Cloud for life sciences

Enhancing collaboration, reducing costs and accelerating innovation

September 2015

With cloud, life sciences organizations can collaborate across the scientific community, extend their ecosystems beyond drug discovery to encompass patient care, transform their business operations and drive efficiency.

Reinventing life sciences: How emerging ecosystems fuel innovation

Updated 10 Apr 2015

A target innovation model can help life sciences organizations reap greater benefits through a deliberate approach to enterprise-wide innovation.

The new age of ecosystems: Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment – Healthcare ecosystem edition

Updated 11 Mar 2015

It is important to understand why ecosystems are beginning to emerge today and how they differ from traditional markets.

The evolving promise of genomic medicine: How advanced technologies are transforming healthcare and life sciences

Updated 01 Jun 2014

A mix of influences - including innovation in biology and technology, market demand and consumerism - is furthering a genomic medicine evolution that crosses industries.

Analytics across the ecosystem - A prescription for optimizing healthcare outcomes

Updated 27 Sep 2013

To optimize patient, provider, payer and life sciences outcomes, organizations must drive analytics not just across the enterprise, but throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Trusting the science that drives your business: A systematic approach to verify scientific claims

Updated 30 Apr 2013

The time has come for an independent, systematic and unbiased process for auditing scientific claims to help increase consumer confidence in scientific outcomes, reduce risks and generate more value.

Fade or flourish? Rethinking the role of life sciences companies in the healthcare ecosystem

Updated 22 Aug 2011

Facing business model challenges and dramatic changes in the healthcare ecosystem, today’s life sciences must rethink how they engage with the other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

The future of connected health devices: Liberating the Information Seeker

Updated 30 Mar 2011

Health device makers have a chance to capture a large, emerging market if they approach this opportunity with comprehensive, integrated solutions.

The wisdom of the cloud: Cloud computing in the life sciences industry

Updated 12 Nov 2010

Cloud computing in life sciences can facilitate innovation and help create new, more efficient business models.

Collaborative innovation: Partnering for success in Life Sciences

Updated 25 Oct 2010

The ability to tap new sources of innovation is becoming more important than ever, as declining R&D productivity, the "patent cliff" and intense generic competition all take their toll on Big Pharma.

Growth and collaboration: Embracing new challenges facing China's life sciences market

Updated 22 Apr 2010

China's essential drug list will create challenges and opportunities for China’s pharmaceutical companies, distributors and hospitals, and will trigger changes in how they operate.

Prescription for healthier growth: Shaping China's life sciences market

Updated 23 Jul 2009

Competitors in China’s life sciences market should prepare themselves for the market’s massive changes and continued growth by increasing their capabilities in three key areas: innovation; manufacturing quality; and sales, marketing and distribution.

The new biopharmaceutical blueprint: Aligning business and IT with service-oriented architecture

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can serve as the new blueprint for aligning business and IT.

Cultivating innovation beyond corporate walls: Alliances between the life sciences industry and academia

Updated 09 Feb 2009

Within an industry in need of the type of collaboration that gave rise to the biotech era, new models are emerging that can facilitate partnership between life sciences companies and academic institutions, diminish the sting of past failures and result in significant therapeutic advances.

A marriage of minds: Making biopharmaceutical collaborations work

Updated 19 Jan 2009

Fewer than half the respondents in the latest biopartnering survey jointly conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value and Silico Research say that their alliances have met their expectations

Advancing the utility of imaging biomarkers: Insights from the second Imaging Biomarker Summit

Updated 19 Jan 2009

Imaging biomarkers hold great promise to assuage some of society’s costliest challenges, and technology can accelerate progress as the full ecosystem - including government, academia, BioPharma industry and imaging industry - contributes toward achieving this vision.

The evolving role of biomarkers: Focusing on patients from research to clinical practice

Updated 19 Jan 2009

The science of biomarker-enabled R&D is advancing quicker than general acceptance. To realize the full potential of biomarkers, the industry must take actions to increase the confidence of regulators, the medical community and the public at large.

Imperfect harmony: Alliances within the life sciences industry

Updated 09 Dec 2008

Partnerships are vital to large biopharmaceutical companies - and yet many lack the collaborative capabilities they need. This study outlines the characteristics biotechs and academics are looking for in a partner and suggests ways larger companies can become more attractive suitors.

The Enterprise of the Future: IBM Global CEO Study - Life Sciences Edition

Updated 11 Aug 2008

CEOs across the Life Sciences industry weigh in on the future of business.

In the interest of the patient: Convergence across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Updated 12 Dec 2006

To make serious strides toward improving patient health, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries need to marshall their collective data assets and collaborate more closely.

The eClinical equation: Part 2 – Bridging connections for innovation

Updated 25 Oct 2006

The pharmaceutical industry (Pharma) is at a critical point in its transition to a new model of drug development: making targeted medicines.

Pharma's new world view: Transforming R&D through emerging markets

Updated 30 Sep 2006

Pharma's new world view: Transforming R&D through emerging markets

Learning the biopartnering game: How to achieve more from your biotech alliance

Updated 14 Feb 2006

Recent advances in molecular science are expected to yield medical treatments targeted not just for individual ailments, but also for highly segmented patient groups. As they pursue this exciting vision, pharmaceutical and biotechnology (biotech) companies are actively engaging in alliances.

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