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Weather matters to healthcare organizations

Weather matters to healthcare organizations

Updated 20 June 2018

How is weather impacting the healthcare industry? Find out how weather insights can bring back the sunshine.

The buck stops with claims: A prognosis for US healthcare payers

The buck stops with claims: A prognosis for US healthcare payers

Updated 07 June 2018

When it comes to healthcare claims processing, the prognosis is good for those insurers willing to embrace transformation by removing legacy barriers that shield inefficiencies and compromise the consumer experience.

Healthcare: Incumbents Strike Back

Healthcare: Incumbents Strike Back

Updated 10 March 2018

How are healthcare executives tackling change? Explore industry insights based on input from the 19th IBM Global C-suite Study.

Consumers at the heart of healthcare: Retailers are creating a new industry perspective

Consumers at the heart of healthcare: Retailers are creating a new industry perspective

Updated 29 Dec 2017

New players vying to enter the healthcare market are finding abundant opportunities to own their own piece of the industry.

A healthy outlook: Digital Reinvention in healthcare

A healthy outlook: Digital Reinvention in healthcare

Updated 10 Oct 2017

Technological advancements are helping healthcare to become more personalized, more cost-effective and scalable, and more capable of achieving success outcomes than ever before.

Loneliness and the aging population: How businesses and governments can address a looming crisis

Loneliness and the aging population: How businesses and governments can address a looming crisis

Updated 10 May 2017

Many diverse stakeholders can now help mitigate the impact of solitude and risks associated with loneliness that are especially detrimental to older adults.

The India cure: Remedying the challenges of the healthcare landscape

The India cure: Remedying the challenges of the healthcare landscape

Updated 06 Mar 2017

India's healthcare system requires a new model to help meet rising costs and the growing demand for services.

Healthcare rallies for blockchains. Keeping patients at the center.

Healthcare rallies for blockchains: Keeping patients at the center

Updated 09 Dec 2016

Of 200 surveyed healthcare executives - payers and providers in 16 countries - 16 percent expect to have a commercial blockchain solution at scale in 2017.

Precision health and wellness: The next step for population health management

Updated 09 Nov 2016

Explore the current state of population health management and how it will evolve by 2020.

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A booster shot for health and wellness: Your cognitive future in the healthcare industry

Updated 04 Sep 2015

Industry-specific reports reveal how cognitive computing helps organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.

Cloud for healthcare

Improving data access, streamlining business processes and reducing costs

August 2015

With cloud, healthcare organizations can become more collaborative, data driven, and patient- and family-centered, as well as drive rapid innovation of products and services, and improved processes.

The new age of ecosystems: Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment – Healthcare ecosystem edition

Updated 11 Mar 2015

It is important to understand why ecosystems are beginning to emerge today and how they differ from traditional markets.

The evolving promise of genomic medicine: How advanced technologies are transforming healthcare and life sciences

Updated 01 Jun 2014

A mix of influences - including innovation in biology and technology, market demand and consumerism - is furthering a genomic medicine evolution that crosses industries.

Analytics across the ecosystem - A prescription for optimizing healthcare outcomes

Updated 27 Sep 2013

To optimize patient, provider, payer and life sciences outcomes, organizations must drive analytics not just across the enterprise, but throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Collaborating beyond traditional boundaries: What convergence means for our health care systems

Updated 11 June 2013

Market forces, dramatic changes in regulatory rules and concerns over sustainability – combined with advances in technology and the ability to better predict and manage health care risk – are creating a unique opportunity for broad health care industry transformation aimed toward convergence.

Redefining Value and Success in Healthcare: Charting the path to the future

Updated 15 Mar 2012

Transformation in healthcare is happening with dramatic energy, driven by a fundamental shift in the expectations of all stakeholders.

The value of analytics in healthcare: From insights to outcomes

Updated 10 Jan 2012

Building analytics competency can help healthcare organizations harness “big data” to create actionable insights, set their future vision, improve outcomes and reduce time to value.

The future of connected health devices: Liberating the Information Seeker

Updated 30 Mar 2011

Health device makers have a chance to capture a large, emerging market if they approach this opportunity with comprehensive, integrated solutions.

IT-enabled personalized healthcare: Improving the science of health promotion and care delivery

Updated 22 Apr 2010

An integral part of comprehensive health reform, personalized healthcare (PHC) will require a much more open, robust health information technology (HIT) environment than exists today.

Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose?

Updated 28 Sep 2009

A portrait and a path to successful transformation

Patient-centered medical home: What, why and how?

Updated 28 May 2009

The medical home – A foundation for transformation.

SOA for health plans: New connections for new business models

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Service-oriented architecture can help the many countries and organizations struggling to address rapidly rising healthcare costs, through efficient and effective information management

Advancing the utility of imaging biomarkers: Insights from the second Imaging Biomarker Summit

Updated 19 Jan 2009

Imaging biomarkers hold great promise to assuage some of society's costliest challenges, and technology can accelerate progress as the full ecosystem - including government, academia, BioPharma industry and imaging industry - contributes toward achieving this vision.

Healthcare 2015 and care delivery: Delivery models refined, competencies defined

Updated 01 Jul 2008

As the healthcare industry faces many challenges to the status quo worldwide, we envision the need for proactive, collaborative, systemic responses that will help providers to transform their existing service delivery models and to develop five essential competencies.

Healthcare in India: Caring for more than a billion

Updated 01 May 2008

India's healthcare system faces considerable challenges, including quality of care, rising costs, and insufficient access for many citizens, but has the opportunity to avoid many of the problems faced by other developing countries by transforming health care financing, quality and delivery.

Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies

Updated 11 Sep 2007

In the coming decade, U.S. health plans will have decided which competencies are most important so they can adapt to major changes in how healthcare is purchased, consumed and delivered.

In the interest of the patient: Convergence across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Updated 12 Dec 2006

To make serious strides toward improving patient health, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries need to marshall their collective data assets and collaborate more closely.

Healthcare in China: Toward greater access, efficiency and quality

Updated 27 Mar 2006

The development of the healthcare sector is now far behind economic development in China. A review of China's key health indicators makes clear the case for change.

Effective e-Detailing: Building trust and convenience into the physician relationship

Updated 14 Feb 2006

E-Detailing can strengthen the pharmaceutical-physician relationship by offering physicians an opportunity to improve the way they work, and at the same time, cut costs and increase revenues for pharmaceutical companies.