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Component business modeling: A new perspective on cutting risk and compliance costs

Component business modeling: A new perspective on cutting risk and compliance costs

Updated 03 July 2018

Examining risk and compliance across the enterprise may improve the allocation of strategic investments beyond business-as-usual budgeting

Blockchain…really? Or blockchain…really!

Blockchain…really? Or blockchain…really!

Updated 22 June 2018

Worldwide commerce is being re-architected along the internet of value theme, leveraging blockchain to empower faster, more efficient and secure global trade.

Emerging risk, converging opportunity

Emerging risk, converging opportunity

Updated 15 Mar 2018

A web-based system now exists that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to the scenario-planning approach of identifying emerging risks. The intelligent application continuously monitors multiple real-world sources, such as social media, news and blogs, to identify key driving forces of emerging risk.

Unlocking the potential of digital: Digital Reinvention in finance

Unlocking the potential of digital: Digital Reinvention in finance

Updated 22 Jan 2018

Finance companies need to embrace emerging technologies to create business insights and drive new efficiencies and innovations.

The cognitive CFO: How “leaders” are increasing finance IQ

The cognitive CFO: How “leaders” are increasing finance IQ

Updated 22 May 2017

Learn how CFOs can use cognitive computing to increase finance IQ.

The CFO mission to uncover the unknown: Applying analytics and cognitive computing for efficiency and insight

Updated 04 Nov 2016

The experiences of leading Finance teams provide insights into capitalizing on the next wave of analytics: cognitive computing.

New CFO horizons: The dawn of cognitive performance analytics

Updated 19 Aug 2016

Learn how high-performing finance teams are using analytics and cognitive computing to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Redefining Performance: Insights from the Global C-suite Study – The CFO perspective

Updated 08 Jul 2016

Discover how the top CFOs are rising to the challenge and finding success in the age of disruption.

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Pushing the frontiers: CFO insights from the Global C-suite Study

Updated Feb 2014

This report draws upon input from the 4,183 CxOs we interviewed as part of IBM’s first study of the entire C-suite.

IBM benchmarks demonstrate the effectiveness of Service Delivery Models for Finance and Operations functions

Updated 31 Aug 2011

Benchmarking data shows that Finance organizations that have adopted service deliver models experienced material improvements of as much as 100 percent in efficiency, and reduction of 50 percent or more in costs associated with performing finance and accounting operations.

Clearing the clouds: Shining a light on successful Enterprise Risk Management

Updated 13 Jun 2011

The first step toward creating a robust ERM program encompasses understanding the scope of risk management and nurturing collaboration and preparedness — making it a "team sport" across the enterprise.

Journey to a Value Integrator: A companion study to the IBM 2010 Global Chief Financial Officer Study, The new Value Integrator

Updated 16 Feb 2011

Today’s business climate requires companies to be dexterous and leverage information to optimize business performance.

The new value integrator: Insights from the IBM Global Chief Financial Officer Study

Updated 04 Mar 2010

Preparing for IFRS

Updated 09 Aug 2009

IFRS, the accounting framework used by most companies in the world today, is likely to be adopted soon in the U.S. Most companies will require a significant investment of time and resources to address the strategic, business and technology related issues that will arise in a conversion to IFRS.

Orchestrating risk-adjusted performance management: Identify and address risk events better and faster

Updated 19 Jan 2009

CFOs can help enterprises seeking to place risk in context with performance - those that do so quickly and successfully should be better able to navigate today’s challenges and recover quickly from inevitable events.

The Enterprise of the Future: Implications for the CFO

Updated 14 Jan 2009

Based on interviews with more than 1,100 CEOs, the IBM Global CEO Study depicts a clear picture of the Enterprise of the Future. CFOs and finance organziations worldwide will play a pivotal role in making these aspirations a reality.

The new economic environment: A CFO perspective

Updated 22 Dec 2008

CFOs with a vision for reshaping their companies during times of economic have an opportunity to lead a survival plan for the corporation that identifies opportunities to restructure, preserve capital and streamline operations.

Retail CFO Study spots critical gaps: Information integration and risk management fall short

Updated 12 Jun 2008

Our study results show that retailers need to catch up to other industries concerning how thoroughly they report on the customer dimension, and in the implementation and use of risk management tools.

Podcast Interview: The Global CFO Study 2008: Balancing risk and performance with an Ingtegrated Finance Organization

Updated 08 May 2008

Steve Rogers, Financial Management Lead at the IBM Institute for Business Value talks with Bill Fuessler, IBM Global Leader of Financial Management Consulting Services and an expert on the finance domain.

The Global CFO Study 2008: Balancing risk and performance with an Ingtegrated Finance Organization

Updated 07 Jun 2007

The IBM Global CFO Study 2008 focuses on how Finance organizations can balance competing priorities of growth, risk and performance insight, while adding significant value to the business.

The agile CFO: Enabling the innovation path to growth

Updated 20 Nov 2006

CFOs seeking to lead their companies to greater competitiveness, more profitability and higher share values are enabling innovation.

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