Reimagining the enterprise

Digital technologies are altering how people and businesses interact. Digital forces are creating unprecedented levels of industry dislocation, fundamentally changing the economics of business. To succeed in this disruptive environment, organizations need to offer compelling new experiences, establish new focus, build new expertise and devise new ways of working. Business-to-business (B2B) organizations are not immune to these forces. Like their end-customer-facing counterparts, industrial products leaders will ultimately face a stark choice: either digitally reinvent their enterprises or watch as their businesses decline around them. Successful Digital Reinvention™ will involve a fundamental reimagining of how an organization operates and how it engages with its environment.

Study highlights

51 percent of industrial products executives report that traditional value chains are becoming fragmented and being replaced due to disruptive technologies - IBM

57 percent of industrial products executives indicate that boundaries between their industry and others are blurring - IBM

63 percent of industrial products executives say that competition from new and unexpected sources is beginning to impact their businesses - IBM

About the authors

Karen Butner

Karen Butner
Business Strategy and Analytics Digital Operations and IoT Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value

Manish Chawla

Manish Chawla
Global Industry General Manager for Industrial Products
IBM Global Business Services

Mark Crowther

Mark Crowther
IBM Digital Strategy & iX

José R. Favilla

José R. Favilla
Director for Industry Solutions
IBM Global Industries

Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall
Research Director
IBM Institute for Business Value

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