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Honest impressions: Why blockchain is the new black for media buying

Honest impressions: Why blockchain is the new black for media buying

Updated 18 June 2018

Blockchain appears poised to solve some of the most pressing problems facing advertisers and publishers, and perhaps change media buying as we know it.

 The modern marketing mandate: The Chief Marketing Officer perspective

The modern marketing mandate: The Chief Marketing Officer perspective

Updated 15 May 2018

How are CMOs tackling change? Explore data and insights from interviews with more than 2,000 CMOs.

 The AI-enhanced customer experience: A sea change for CX strategy, design and development

The AI-enhanced customer experience: A sea change for CX strategy, design and development

Updated 08 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence is unleashing a new era in customer experience – but many companies lack the strategy and skills to fulfill AI aspirations.

Design Language Systems for branded, end-to-end experiences

Design Language Systems for branded, end-to-end experiences

Updated 20 Oct 2017

Designing for experiences means not just focusing on any one branded artifact; instead, the entire end-to-end experience needs to be considered for all customer touchpoints.

From data deluge to intelligent insights: Adopting cognitive computing to unlock value for marketing and sales

From data deluge to intelligent insights: Adopting cognitive computing to unlock value for marketing and sales

Updated 08 Aug 2017

Armed with insights about customers at every touchpoint, cognitive computing may deliver the personalized experiences consumers expect.

The experience revolution: Digital disappointment – why some customers aren’t fans

The experience revolution: Digital disappointment – why some customers aren’t fans

Updated 15 Mar 2017

This fourth report in our customer experience (CX) series explores why many customers are choosing not to embrace companies’ digital CX initiatives.

The experience revolution: New teams, new rules

Updated 28 Nov 2016

This third report in the IBM IBV Customer Experience (CX) series explores the deep impact CX reinvention is having on organizations and their employees.

The experience revolution: The game is on

Updated 18 Nov 2016

The first report in our Customer Experience (CX) study explores the trends for digital/physical engagement as a way to transform CX. From mobile apps to virtual reality, how do you build a business case for change?

The experience revolution: Mobilizing to win - are you ready?

Updated 05 Sep 2016

This second report in our Customer Experience (CX) study examines how companies are mobilizing to transform their CX, including approaches for strategy, collaboration, use of data, Experience Design, customer feedback and metrics.

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To buy or not to buy? How Millennials are changing B2B marketing

Updated 30 Sep 2015

This study explores Millennials’ approach to B2B purchasing and how marketers need to revamp their strategies to connect with this generation.

From Stretched to Strengthened—Insights from the IBM Global CMO Study

Updated 07 Oct 2011

After face-to-face interviews with 1,734 CMOs, spanning 19 industries and 64 countries, we know CMOs are feeling stretched, but we also heard great excitement about the future of marketing.

From social media to Social CRM: What customers want - a two part series

Updated 27 Jun 2011

Social CRM – the integration of social media with customer relationship management (CRM) strategies – is the next frontier for organizations that want to optimize the power of social interactions to get closer to customers.

Today's CMO: Innovating or following?

Updated 30 March 2011

In this precursor to the IBM Global CMO study, the EIU and IBM Institute for Business Value examine how chief marketing officers are responding to the opportunities and challenges of today's connected world.

Unlocking client advocacy in Canadian retail banking: The client focused enterprise

Updated 21 Apr 2009

Read about how Canadian banks can gain marketshare and attract new clients by becoming aware of client attitudes and taking steps to positively impact customer perceptions.

Retail opportunities in a world of extremes: Understanding today's teens and boomers

Updated 08 Apr 2009

For both the teen and boomer segments, service is the defining point for a successful shopping experience - this paper summarizes some key IBM research findings relevant to retail opportunities targeting these two groups.

Why advocacy matters to apparel retailers: Customer focus requires apparel retailers to dress for success

Updated 06 Mar 2009

IBM surveyed over 4000 retail consumers and found which retailer attributes help turn shoppers into advocates. The results also suggest a financial upside to building advocacy.

Why advocacy matters to drugstores and pharmacies: Customer focus for the health and wellness of your brand

Updated 06 Mar 2009

Drugstore retailers face increasing competition from multiple retail pharma counters and online/mail-order companies, but can work to increase market share by focusing on the customer experience.

Why advocacy matters to grocers: Surveyed consumers give retailers food for thought

Updated 06 Mar 2009

By understanding what drives customer advocacy, grocers can better differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Shopper advocacy: Building consumer trust in the new economy

Updated 24 Feb 2009

While many competitors will be focused solely on improving cash positions or drastically cutting expenses, solid retail industry performers can approach this new economic environment as an opportunity to grab market share, increase customer loyalty and distance themselves from the competition.

Why advocacy matters to online retailers: Customer focus can mean greater loyalty and financial returns are in store

Updated 10 Feb 2009

Online retailers have yet to optimize customer relationships; to become a customer focused online retailer, companies need a new approach for developing and applying customer insights.

Retail CFO Study spots critical gaps: Information integration and risk management fall short

Updated 12 Jun 2008

Questions about composition and capabilities of the workforce are never more pertinent that in times of economic distress, when decisions must be made that affect productivity, morale, retention of corporate knowledge and competitive positioning.

Why advocacy matters to retailers: Insights from five retail segments

Updated 30 Jan 2008

Surveys conducted across five retail segments — grocery, large-format apparel, mall-based specialty apparel, drugstore and online — reveal key attributes that help turn everyday shoppers into loyal Advocates. And financially speaking, Advocates are the most valuable customers of all.

Surviving climate change in the property & casualty industry by growing customer advocacy

Updated 22 Aug 2007

In a changing insurance environment, providers must be able to identify their advocates and articulate their advocate's preferences, then use this information to help tailor their business models in ways that improve the customer experience and, in turn, can drive growth.

Aviation 2010: Achieving efficiency and differentiation in turbulent times

Updated 31 May 2007

To increase passenger satisfaction and become operationally efficient, airlines and airports need to adopt a new business model that features a flexible infrastructure and greater collaboration.

Turning shoppers into advocates: The customer focused retail enterprise

Updated 02 May 2007

Despite good intentions, what retailers deliver is not always what shoppers want. Bringing customer insights into everyday operational decisions can help retailers close the gap.

Beyond the carousel: Better baggage handling through enhanced collaboration among airlines and airports

Updated 27 Mar 2007

Read about how airlines and airports can prepare for the future flood of passengers and their baggage — not just to cope with the challenge, but to profit from the opportunity it brings?

Not business as usual: Changing channels in consumer electronics

Updated 13 Dec 2006

Innovative business models for "how to sell" are now almost as important as innovative products - CE manufacturers need to deftly manage their mix of sales channels.

Hiding in plain sight: Service innovation, a new priority for chief executives

Updated 28 Nov 2006

Manufacturers may find a tremendous business opportunity "hiding" in their Service function.

Unlocking customer advocacy in retail banking: The customer focused enterprise

Updated 26 Oct 2006

Unlocking customer advocacy in retail banking: The customer focused enterprise.

Advocacy in the customer focused enterprise: The next generation of CRM Done Right

Updated 19 Apr 2006

The growing bifurcation of the marketplace between the two extremes of product commodity and customer needs-based solutions will make rapid losers and winners across different industries. Innovative companies know that they cannot merely sit safely in the middle anymore.

The trader is dead, long live the trader! A financial markets renaissance

Updated 04 Apr 2006

Financial markets firms must be able to succeed in an environment where analysis, not knowledge, is the value creator, and where it's not seconds that count, but milliseconds.

Driving successful shopping occasions through deeper insights

Updated 20 Jan 2006

Today's well-informed consumers have far greater expectations of the shopping experience than previous generations — and if retailers are to fulfill those expectations, they need a much better understanding of their target customers than ever before.

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