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Intersecting insights from the
IBM Global CEO, CMO and CIO Studies

Analysis across our C-suite research reveals that executives are less aligned than they may realize – despite good intentions of leading and collaborating with their teams to achieve the organizational mission.

In this report, we focus on our most recent conversations with CEOs to provide a touchstone for their CMO and CIO colleagues. Beginning with the CEOs’ perspective, we re-examine the collective findings of the 2012 CEO Study, 2011 CMO Study and 2011 CIO Study to better understand how these three C-suite members can better align their priorities and objectives.

So, where are the bridges to better connect CEOs, CMOs and CIOs?

To understand what CEOs will require from the rest of the C-suite, CMOs and CIOs must have a deep understanding of CEOs’ expectations for the coming three to five years. They’ll need to align with CEOs’ views on both the most important forces impacting their organizations and their priorities within organizations’ operating strategy.

This “cross-section view” of our most recent executive research shows how executives can connect more effectively to support CEOs’ stated top priorities, including: teaming better across the organization, individualizing customer relationships and investing in partnership ecosystems. With these three common areas of focus, CEOs, CMOs and CIOs can create the synergy to improve organizational interactions for the benefit the enterprise, its customers, employees and partners.

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