Hyper-complex production meets cognitive computing

Electronics manufacturing is surrounded by continuous complexity. Executives face rising resource costs in traditionally low-cost production markets. They must address increasing customization, shorter lead times, frequently changing requirements and shrinking order sizes – all while managing a sophisticated supply network. They need to examine automation potential and maintain critical institutional knowledge. Thinner margins and increased competition threaten consistent quality, risk greater downtime and reduce desired flexibility. Investments in new equipment and automation systems are increasing the amount of data available from the shop floor, but most is not used to its full potential.

Now, cognitive manufacturing is transforming production to address such complexity. These new systems address manufacturing issues, integrating cyber and physical systems for optimal output and interpreting data for value identification and realization.

Study highlights

51% of surveyed electronics manufacturers were not satisfied with their ability to rapidly reconfigure production lines

More than 70% of electronics industry respondents had Industrial Internet of Things efforts underway

34% of surveyed electronics manufacturers were most dvanced in cognitive manufacturing and consistenly delivered high ROI projects

Study team

John Constantopoulos

John Constantopoulos
Director, Cognitive Product Development, Global Electronics Industry,
IBM Global Business Services

Qin XK Deng

Qin XK Deng
Director, Electronics Industry, IBM Global Business Services

Hiroshi Yamamato

Hiroshi Yamamato
IBM Distinguished Engineer, Global Electronics Industry CTO, IBM Member of Academy of Technology, IBM Software Sales

Quentin Samelson

Quentin Samelson
Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Electronics Center of Competence, IBM Global Business Services

Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz

Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz Global Study Leader, Electronics, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services

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