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Global Location Trends: 2018 Annual Report: Getting ready for Globalization 4.0

Global Location Trends: 2018 Annual Report: Getting ready for Globalization 4.0

Updated 16 July 2018

Read the latest IBM Global Location Trends report to find out who’s benefiting from global direct investment trends.

Just add weather: How weather insights can grow your bottom line

Just add weather: How weather insights can grow your bottom line

Updated 01 June 2018

Learn how an elite group of organizations uses insights to turn weather data into a competitive advantage.

More than meets the 'I': The Chief Information Officer perspective

More than meets the "I": The Chief Information Officer perspective

Updated 15 May 2018

How are CIOs tackling change? Explore data and insights from interviews with more than 2,100 CIOs.

 The evolution of process automation: Moving beyond basic robotics to intelligent interactions

The evolution of process automation: Moving beyond basic robotics to intelligent interactions

Updated 10 Jan 2018

Read how advancements in artificial intelligence are spawning a new phase of automation: intelligent automation.

Leap before you lag: Nonprofits with deeper data capabilities see stronger impact, transparency and decisions

Leap before you lag: Nonprofits with deeper data capabilities see stronger impact, transparency and decisions

Updated 02 Aug 2017

Demand is rising for nonprofits to capture data that demonstrates their social impact and improves their decisions.

Growing China: Regional contributions to economic success

Growing China: Regional contributions to economic success

Updated 26 June 2017

China's growth trajectory differs across city tiers due to unique regional economic characteristics and strategic priorities.

The CFO mission to uncover the unknown: Applying analytics and cognitive computing for efficiency and insight

Updated 04 Nov 2016

The experiences of leading Finance teams provide insights into capitalizing on the next wave of analytics: cognitive computing.

Analytics: Dawn of the cognitive era: How early adopters have raised the bar for data-driven insights

Updated 18 Oct 2016

A small group of visionary organizations are leveraging cognitive capabilities – and taking data-driven insights to the next level.

Mastering the art of data science: How to craft cohesive teams that create business results

Updated 28 Sep 2016

This report explains the role of the data scientist, what skills and support are needed and how to make the right hiring decisions.

New CFO horizons: The dawn of cognitive performance analytics

Updated 19 Aug 2016

Learn how high-performing finance teams are using analytics and cognitive computing to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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China’s challenge: Maintaining economic leadership in an uncertain world

Updated 23 Jul 2016
Learn how Chinese executives can drive transformation and help secure China’s economic future.

The Chief Data Officer playbook: Creating a game plan to sharpen your digital edge

Updated 25 May 2016
The Chief Data Officer is increasingly the C-suite’s solution to navigating today’s disruptive, dynamic, data-intensive world.

Analytics: The upside of disruption: Reinventing business processes, organizations and industries in the wake of the digital revolution

Updated 23 Oct 2015
In our seventh annual analytics study, 1226 respondents worldwide report dramatically higher use of big data and analytics technologies in the past year, spurred by three major disruptions.

Beyond listening: Shifting focus to the business of social

Updated 21 Oct 2015
Leading organizations are extending the impact of social data to enhance customer interaction, transform business processes and drive innovation.

Your cognitive future: Industry perspective: How cognitive computing capabilities can help vitalize industries and impact the future

Updated 04 Sep 2015
Industry-specific reports reveal how cognitive computing helps organizations blaze new territory and push the boundaries of innovation and growth.

Innovative analytics: How the world’s most successful organizations use analytics to innovate

Updated 14 Apr 2015
Data from our recent innovation survey revealed a group of Leaders that are using innovation infused with big data and analytics to drive outperformance.

Analytics “yield of dreams”: If you build it, insights will come

Updated 13 Apr 2015
Data-based analytics can reveal client preferences, reduce operational costs and increase marketing effectiveness.

More than magic: How the most successful organizations innovate

Updated Jan 2015
How specific strategies can help all organizations innovate like an outperformer.

Analytics: The speed advantage: Why data-driven organizations are winning the race in today’s marketplace

Updated 24 Oct 2014
When organizations realize a return on analytics investments within a year, business executives demand data insights delivered at an accelerating speed.

The new hero of big data and analytics - The Chief Data Officer

Updated 07 July 2014
Executives realize the growing need for a leader whose primary role is to understand and advocate on behalf of data: The Chief Data Officer.

Analytics: A blueprint for value - Converting big data and analytics insights into results

Updated 29 Oct 2013
In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are infusing analytics throughout their enterprises to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data in manufacturing - How innovative industrial manufacturers extract value from uncertain data

Updated 01 July 2013
Today, leveraging big data is a business imperative, and it is enabling solutions to long-standing business challenges for industrial manufacturing companies around the world.

Connected generation: Perspectives from tomorrow’s leaders in a digital world Insights from the 2012 IBM Global Student Study

Updated 16 Nov 2012
The 2012 IBM Global Student Study reveals a pool of talent with diverse capabilities, substantially prepared to help organizations lead through connections – and also exposes areas where students feel unprepared by their education.

The business of social business - What works and how it's done

Updated 08 Nov 2012
A new IBM Institute for Business Value study reveals how organizations can use social approaches to create meaningful business value.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data - How innovative enterprises extract value from uncertain data

Updated 12 Sep 2012
Most organizations can profit from analyzing more data to identify which is useful and putting the right skills in place to gain a better understanding of the business, its customers and the marketplace.

CMOs and CIOs

Updated 27 Aug 2012
The foundational transformation that Marketing and IT are each experiencing offers fertile new ground for CMOs and CIOs to forge tight alliances that will enable them to better support their organizations’ corporate initiatives.

Emerging security trends and risks

Updated 18 Jun 2012
For the busy executive, security is not an issue that can simply be delegated; it must be embraced as another important component of any plan for doing business in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

Small worlds

Updated 07 Jun 2012
Time-based performance has never been more important for competing effectively in today’s tough global markets, requiring many organizations to rethink their approach to software delivery.

Leading Through Connections – Insights from the Global IBM CEO Study

Updated 15 May 2012
For some time, businesses have been refining and optimizing their networks of suppliers and partners. But something just as meaningful has been happening – the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres – connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other

Customer analytics pay off: Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing - Executive summary

Updated 01 February 2012
Businesses today have a plethora of customer data available from an increasing number of sources. While most organizations certainly appreciate the potential benefits such data can reap, many face difficulties effectively turning information into actionable insights.

The Dawn of Big Data

Updated 01 February 2012
Research reveals a widening divide,with those organisations already using analytics more than twice as likely to outperform their industry peers. What does your business need to become one of them?

The value of analytics in healthcare

Updated 10 Jan 2012
Building analytics competency can help healthcare organizations harness “big data” to create actionable insights, set their future vision, improve outcomes and reduce time to value.

The power of cloud

Updated 6 Jan 2012
To transform internal operations, customer relationships and industry value chains, organizations need to determine how best to employ cloud-enabled business models.

Enabling growth through Global Enablement Teams

Updated 15 Dec 2011
Senior executives need a deep understanding of vertical integration to translate corporate strategy at a local level and country leaders can benefit from coaching to sharpen strategy development and execution. The Global Enablement Team (GET) approach ultimately enables the enterprise to develop global talent and grow business through greater alignment with diverse national priorities.

Analytics in the boardroom

Updated 22 Nov 2011
For analytics-driven insights to trigger new actions across the organization, they must be closely linked to business strategy, easy for end users to understand, and embedded into organizational processes to enable action at the right time.

Analytics: The widening divide

Updated 08 Nov 2011
A growing divide is developing between those companies that, see the value of business analytics and are transforming themselves to take advantage of these newfound opportunities, and those that have yet to embrace them.

Cloud-enabled Business Models

Updated 30 Sep 2011
Cloud’s game changing attributes are revolutionizing industry ecosystems – and forcing companies to embrace new business models

Customer analytics pay off: Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing

Updated 16 Sep 2011
To help organizations develop a customer analytics strategy designed to drive growth and increase customer satisfaction, we have identified four stages of organizational capabilities and associated customer analytics strategies.

Managing threats in the digital age: How the C-suite can address today's complex risks and compliance needs

Updated 25 Aug 2011
Managing the increasing complexity inherent in today’s environment requires leaders who will work to unlock, uncover and unleash the collective creative capabilities of their organizations. In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, risks are real and increasing exponentially. Security is now more than a purely technical issue and each member of the enterprise’s leadership owns a significant stake – and a powerful role – in securing the data and intellectual capital that flows through the organization.

Driving performance through sustainability: Strategy, synergy and significance

Updated 22 Jun 2011
Increasingly led by C-suite executives, a comprehensive sustainability program can serve as a key differentiator in the market, helping drive business performance and fuel top-line growth.

Today's CMO: Innovating or following?

Updated 12 Apr 2011
In this precursor to the IBM Global CMO study, the EIU and IBM Institute for Business Value examine how chief marketing officers are responding to the opportunities and challenges of today's connected world.

Digital transformation: Creating new business models where digital meets physical

Updated 12 Apr 2011
Businesses today are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation.

Journey to a Value Integrator: A companion study to the IBM 2010 Global Chief Financial Officer Study, The new Value Integrator

Updated 16 Feb 2011
Today's business climate requires companies to be dexterous and leverage information to optimize business performance.

Winning in China with digital business models

Updated 23 Dec 2010
Successful enterprises in China are implementing unique new business models to incorporate digital elements and create distinct new value - understanding these models can provide organizations with a clearer path for where to focus innovation efforts.

Analytics: The new path to value. How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action

Updated 03 Nov 2010
To start on the fastest path to analytics value, keep everyone focused on big business issues, select challenges that analytics can solve today within the future agenda.

Connecting across the C-suite: Combined Insights from the IBM Global CEO, CFO and CIO Studies

Updated 30 Sep 2010
Description: The rate of change has accelerated and the world has become both smaller and flatter. So how can business leaders ensure their organizations thrive?

The evolving role of IT managers and CIOs: Findings from the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk Study

Updated 16 Sep 2010
To better understand how companies are approaching and managing IT risk across their business, read the 2010 IBM Global IT Risk study.

Inheriting a complex world: Future leaders envision sharing the planet

Updated 30 June 2010
Given the complex world future leaders will inherit, how do the views of today's students and CEOs compare in regard to the role of business leadership?

Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the 2010 Global CEO Study

Updated 30 May 2010
How has the nature of leadership changed in the new economic environment?

The emergence of the eco-efficient economy

Updated 22 Apr 2010
Find out why more than 1,600 experts say eco-efficiency is the next economic game changer.

After the crisis: what Now?

Updated 10 Mar 2010
As they prepare for growth in the post-crisis environment, organizations should take decisive actions designed to preempt scarcity, drive cost efficiency through productivity and agility, and target innovative approaches to revenue growth.

Seizing the advantage: When and how to innovate your business model

Updated 10 Nov 2009
When the time is right for business model innovation, the Three A's represent essential organizational capabilities: aligned, analytical and adaptable.

Russia's productivity imperative: Leveraging technology and innovation to drive growth

Updated 22 Sep 2009
If Russian companies and its government take actions now to tackle issues in the areas of technology and innovation, the country is much more likely to meet, or exceed, its productivity and innovation targets.

IBM - Delivering performance through continuous transformation

Updated 15 Sep 2009
IBM's transformation story may provide guidance to other senior leaders as they seek to implement change while successfully delivering consistent and differentiated performance.

Podcast Interview: A Vision of Smarter Cities

Updated 21 Aug 2009
Interview with Susanne Dirks, Manager of the IBM Institute for Business Values Global Center for Economic Development in Ireland.

E-readiness rankings 2009: The usage imperative

Updated 17 Jun 2009
A white paper from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in association with the IBM Institute for Business Value.

The R-O-I of globally integrated operations: Strategies for enabling global integration

Updated 04 Jun 2009
Top performers have a systemic view of operationalizing global integration - concurrent focus on elements of the R-O-I framework is vital: Repeatable processes, Optimized assets and integrated operations, along with three foundational elements: leadership, organizational structure and technology.

Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise

Updated 01 Jun 2009
Based on our research and client experiences, we've distilled the characteristics of what we call the Intelligent Enterprise – the organization ready to exploit advanced analytics and optimized performance.

Leading a sustainable enterprise: Leveraging information and insight to act

Updated 01 Jun 2009
Today's organizations should consider developing new sources of operational, supply chain and customer information to gain new levels of insight for meeting sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives.

The changing face of communication: Social networking's growing influence on telecom providers

Updated 01 Jun 2009
Telecom companies must respond to shifts in communication patterns and control, created by the strong emergence of social computing, to position themselves to reverse declining revenue growth and market share.

Unlocking client advocacy in Canadian retail banking: The client focused enterprise

Updated 21 Apr 2009
Read about how Canadian banks can gain marketshare and attract new clients by becoming aware of client attitudes and taking steps to positively impact customer perceptions.

Driving operational innovation using Lean Six Sigma

Updated 08 Apr 2009
Examine the approach some industry leaders are using to make innovation a more regular occurrence.

Retail opportunities in a world of extremes: Understanding today's teens and boomers

Updated 08 Apr 2009
For both the teen and boomer segments, service is the defining point for a successful shopping experience - this paper summarizes some key IBM research findings relevant to retail opportunities targeting these two groups.

Succeeding in the new economic environment: Focus on value, opportunity, speed

Updated 17 Mar 2009
To emerge from the economic downturn in a better position, CEOs and business leaders need to focus on value, exploit opportunities and act quickly. Learn how.

Paths to success: Three ways to innovate your business model

Updated 06 Mar 2009
What exactly is business model innovation? A careful examination of 35 cases reveals three primary types of business model innovation and explores which generate success and which seem easier to implement.

The power of many: ABCs of collaborative innovation throughout the extended enterprise

Updated 06 Mar 2009
Overcome obstacles and increase the odds of successful innovation by understanding the ABCs of collaborative innovation.

Lighting the way: Understanding the smart energy consumer

Updated 19 Feb 2009
How emerging consumer preferences are met can open new avenues for consumer satisfaction, create new revenue streams, define new business models and accelerate technology deployment, lighting the way to a participatory utility network.

Beyond the familiar: Global integration for metals, mining and forest and paper companies

Updated 10 Feb 2009
Three strong business strategies - Market Share Grabbing, Value Chain Stretching and Niche Playing - can help position companies in the metals, mining and forest and paper industries to become globally integrated enterprises.

Cultivating innovation beyond corporate walls: Alliances between the life sciences industry and academia

Updated 09 Feb 2009
Within an industry in need of the type of collaboration that gave rise to the biotech era, new models are emerging that can facilitate partnership between life sciences companies and academic institutions, diminish the sting of past failures and result in significant therapeutic advances.

Value 2.0: Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

Updated 06 Feb 2009
This paper describes how businesses are improving performance and creating value by applying eight new rules in using the emerging technologies of Web 2.0, social computing, service oriented architecture, 3D Internet and virtual worlds.

Building client advocacy: New opportunities for wealth management firms

Updated 05 Feb 2009
Wealth management firms must reach out and collaborate with their clients to build compelling, distinct value propositions and become customer focused enterprises by integrating their clients' views and attitudes into the design and execution of core operations.

Growing trust, transparency and technology: Insurance customers' perspectives in a global context

Updated 26 Jan 2009
An update to a previous IBM Institute for Business Value study shows insurers in the Americas, like their European counterparts, suffer from a lack of consumer trust and that heightened transparency, service and flexibility will be necessary to reach the customer of the future.

Telecom switches emphasis: Preliminary analysis of the 2007 Telecom Industry Survey

Updated 26 Jan 2009
To remain competitive as industry boundaries blur, telecom providers will require new sets of capabilities beyond the traditional strengths that telecom executives continue to emphasize.

Insurance 2020: Now what? Exploring initiatives for innovation

Updated 23 Jan 2009
Insurers have for years mistaken optimization for innovation, but true innovation requires a willingness to try something different to address persistent operational challenges.

A future in content(ion): Can telecom providers win a share of the digital content market?

Updated 19 Jan 2009
Digital content opportunities could help telecommunications companies fend off competitive threats from cable rivals and grow revenues in new markets. But will telcos be able to take advantage of this potential?

Advancing the utility of imaging biomarkers: Insights from the second Imaging Biomarker Summit

Updated 19 Jan 2009
Imaging biomarkers hold great promise to assuage some of society's costliest challenges, and technology can accelerate progress as the full ecosystem - including government, academia, BioPharma industry and imaging industry - contributes toward achieving this vision.

Get global. Get specialized. Or get out. Unexpected lessons in global financial markets

Updated 19 Jan 2009
The worldwide financial markets opportunity is set to double by 2015 - but firms may not be in a position to capture it.

How nations thrive in the Information Age: Leveraging information and communications technologies for national economic development

Updated 19 Jan 2009
All nations in developing and advanced economies have become such extensive users of information and communications technologies (ICT) that their economic success now depends on governments' wise promotion and deployment of ICT at a national level.

Identity management in the 21st century: Balancing safety, security and liberty in a global environment

Updated 19 Jan 2009
Governments should move to implement cohesive and collaborative identity management systems to provide safe cross-border travel, inhibit crime and terrorism and provide for data safety and privacy for their citizens.

Plugging in the consumer: Innovating utility business models for the future

Updated 19 Jan 2009
The utility industry is undergoing tremendous change as historically passive ratepayers migrate into more participatory roles.

Seize the strong positions: Steel companies in an era of consolidation

Updated 19 Jan 2009
A new set of dynamics for the resurgent steel industry has created avenues of growth for those steelmakers that assume strong market positions - but has cast a shadow of uncertainly upon those companies either unable or unwilling to take advantage of today's opportunities.

The evolving role of biomarkers: Focusing on patients from research to clinical practice

Updated 19 Jan 2009
The science of biomarker-enabled R&D is advancing quicker than general acceptance. To realize the full potential of biomarkers, the industry must take actions to increase the confidence of regulators, the medical community and the public at large.

Winning the global challenge: The Japanese electronics companies' race to innovate

Updated 19 Jan 2009
Learn about the competitive challenge facing Japanese electronics companies and steps they can take to become global innovators.

And then there were few: How to survive the next wave of consolidation among Network Equipment Providers

Updated 11 Dec 2008
This new IBM study offer insights on the changing ecosystems within the electronics industry and the steps Network Equipment Providers should take to try to survive the coming wave of convergence and consolidation.

Go mobile, grow...Should mobile Internet services be the next big growth gamble for mobile device makers?

Updated 11 Dec 2008
With hardware sales slowing as a result of market saturation, mobile device makers may have the opportunity to use mobile Internet services as a new catalyst for growth.

Government 2020: An Irish perspective: Modernising the Irish public sector for the global economy

Updated 05 Dec 2008
Ireland again faces an opportunity to implement bold changes; by fully leveraging its size advantage for the development and implementation of innovative and rapid solutions for public sector reform, Ireland can substantially improve its chances of economic success and prosperity.

Undressing in public: Harnessing the power of Web 2.0 to rebuild trust in banking

Updated 20 Nov 2008
More customers are online that ever before, and banks should learn to use the new tools of Web 2.0 -- blogging, social networking and more - to cost-effectively and efficiently reach an increasingly fragmented and dispersed customer base.

Resolving the "Privacy Paradox": Practical strategies for government identity management programs

Updated 18 Nov 2008
Technology can be used to both control and empower citizens, and governments should work toward a resolving this paradox by developing identity management solutions that provide security and engender trust, while maintaining personal privacy and civil liberty.

The telecom of the future: Insights from IBM CEO and telecom executive surveys

Updated 31 Oct 2008
telecommunications, Telco, telecom, social networking, Web 2.0, mobile communications, network, fixed voice, broadband, collaboration, innovation.

For the good of the global economy: Social protection for the migrant worker

Updated 23 Oct 2008
In today's increasingly connected global economy, nations must collaborate and find ways to protect the social security entitlements of increasing numbers of migrant workers.

Understanding consumer patterns and preferences in multi-channel retailing

Updated 30 Sep 2008
This survey of over 5,000 consumers in the U.S. and the UK answers many questions retailers need to consider when evaluating multi-channel initiatives.

Where there's smoke - Achieving safe and reliable operations with enterprise risk management

Updated 03 Sep 2008
Chemical and petroleum companies often view risk management through a limited health, safety and environmental lens, but an IBM Institute for Business Value study reveals a distinct correlation between integrated risk management and market performance.

2008 GMA information technology and effectiveness study

Updated 29 Aug 2008
To decrease the gap between what executives think IT should be doing for grocery manufacturers and consumer products companies, and what, in reality, is being accomplished, companies should invest more time during project planning to more closely align expectations of IT performance with objectives.

Economic development in a Rubik's Cube world: How to turn global trends into local prosperity

Updated 28 Aug 2008
To be successful in today's changing world, Investment promotion agencies and economic development organizations should understand the impact and business response to the six megatrends that require companies to innovate and refine their fundamental business models.

Automotive 2020: Clarity beyond the chaos

Updated 26 Aug 2008
Confronted by multi-dimensionsal changes in its underlying ecosystem, automakers should focus on five key areas of differentiation to position themselves for success in 2020 and beyond.

Committed customers or captives? Making travel loyalty programs more valuable, relevant and differentiating

Updated 22 Aug 2008
For travel providers, market leadership will require new strategic decisions and key investments that improve both the customer experience and customer loyalty by acquiring and applying deeper customer insights.

Building customer advocacy: Growth opportunities for Brazilian retail banks

Updated 21 Aug 2008
For Brazilian banks, a new view of customer advocacy can become invaluable as they seek to differentiate their offerings and improve the profitability of customers - moving toward a well-balanced, customer-focused model can help them capitalize on their most valuable asset - their customers.

Healthcare 2015 and care delivery: Delivery models refined, competencies defined

Updated 01 Jul 2008
As the healthcare industry faces many challenges to the status quo worldwide, we envision the need for proactive, collaborative, systemic responses that will help providers to transform their existing service delivery models and to develop five essential competencies.

Going global in Aerospace and Defense

Updated 09 Apr 2008
Global integration in the A&D industry is far from mature, and how a company responds to the challenge of a world that conducts business globally can be a key factor in helping to determine its future business success.

Balancing Risk and Performance with an Integrated Finance Organization: Implications for Chemical and Petroleum Industry CFOs

Updated 12 Feb 2008
The global business environment requires new thinking to take advantage of opportunities and prosper despite the risks. Many Chemical and Petroleum companies are working towards enterprisewide standards to provide the governance, transparency and information integrity needed today.

No bank is an island: Get global before globalization gets you

Updated 11 Feb 2008
Market advantage will lie with banks that rethink their strategy, structure and culture to reflect a changed reality; bankers say globalization is the single greatest opportunity and also its greatest threat - when it comes to the far-reaching effects of globalization, no bank is an island.

Podcast Interview: Economic development in a Rubik's Cube world

Updated 05 Feb 2008
Jim O'Keeffe media relations for IBM in Ireland talks with Ronan Lyons, Managing Consultant with IBM Global Center for Economic Development.

Chain reaction or slow burn: How fast is Europe moving toward more harmonization of the financial supply chain?

Updated 25 Jan 2008
As European payments convergence progresses, banks must emphasize all sorts of collaboration: with corporate clients, with peers to help set payments standards and with government representatives for more consistent payments legislation across Europe.

Trust, transparency and technology: European customers' perspectives on insurance and innovation

Updated 22 Jan 2008
In six European markets, we surveyed a broad sample of insurance customers to find that three success factors that are crucial for the relationship between customer and insurance company: trust, transparency and technology.

Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies

Updated 11 Sep 2007
In the coming decade, U.S. health plans will have decided which competencies are most important so they can adapt to major changes in how healthcare is purchased, consumed and delivered.

Identifying what should be changed: How public officials and military leaders can choose wisely

Updated 05 Jul 2007
Component business modeling techniques can help government agencies and the military in mapping our changes to adapt to shifting needs in their missions and structures.

Innovating on your own terms

Updated 30 Jun 2007
IBM, Innosight and APQC has found that when it comes to innovation, copying other innovators doesn't necessarily translate to profitable results.

Establishing trust through traceability: Protect and empower your brand for today's "Omni Consumer"

Updated 12 Jun 2007
To ensure safety of the food supply and other consumer products, as well a enhance credibility with consumers, consumer products companies can turn to full value traceability to track product ownership throughout the supply chain.

Aviation 2010: Achieving efficiency and differentiation in turbulent times

Updated 31 May 2007
To increase passenger satisfaction and become operationally efficient, airlines and airports need to adopt a new business model that features a flexible infrastructure and greater collaboration.

Capture the New Market Frontiers:Unlocking the untapped mass markets within China

Updated 01 May 2007
This study is an introductory research of China's fast growing but less noted regions, with city-level analysis of key economics, geographic and selected industrial information.

Gazing into the mirror: CEOs of third-party logistics companies worldwide share opportunities, strategies and struggles

Updated 02 Apr 2007
Read about how 3PLs are adjusting to an expanded role that is growing more complex by geographical expansion and demanding customers.

Beyond the carousel: Better baggage handling through enhanced collaboration among airlines and airports

Updated 27 Mar 2007
Read about how airlines and airports can prepare for the future flood of passengers and their baggage - not just to cope with the challenge, but to profit from the opportunity it brings?

Winning in China's mass markets: New business models, new operations for profitable growth

Updated 07 Mar 2007
Gather ideas about the business changes foreign companies may need to make in order to tap China's rapidly growing mass market.

How rapidly advancing nations can prosper in the Information Age: Leveraging information and communications technologies for national economic development

Updated 02 Mar 2007
Learn how Rapid Adopter nations can become more competitive in the world economy.

Navigating the Media Divide: Innovating and Enabling New Business Models

Updated 15 Feb 2007
Get ready for the coming collision between incumbent content owners and media distributors.

How the most advanced nations can remain competitive in the Information Age: Leveraging information and communications technologies for national economic development

Updated 13 Feb 2007
Among the biggest E-readiness challenges facing Established Leaders (Tier 1 countries) are: replacing older ICT infrastructures; meeting public demand for Internet-based service delivery; promoting more innovative uses of technology; and mitigating the negative consequences of aging populations.

Not business as usual: Changing channels in consumer electronics

Updated 13 Dec 2006
Innovative business models for "how to sell" are now almost as important as innovative products - CE manufacturers need to deftly manage their mix of sales channels.

In the interest of the patient: Convergence across the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries

Updated 12 Dec 2006
To make serious strides toward improving patient health, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries need to marshall their collective data assets and collaborate more closely.

The 2006 e-readiness rankings: A white paper from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in association with the IBM Institute for Business Value

Updated 30 Nov 2006
The 2006 e-readiness rankings: A white paper from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in association with the IBM Institute for Business Value.

Hiding in plain sight: Service innovation, a new priority for chief executives

Updated 28 Nov 2006
Manufacturers may find a tremendous business opportunity "hiding" in their Service function.

The Innovation Paradox in the Telecom Industry

Updated 20 Nov 2006
As part of our Global CEO Study 2006, in which we interviewed 765 chief executives and business leaders on the topic of innovation, we looked more specifically at the views of the 46 telecom executives who participated in the survey.

The eClinical equation: Part 2 - Bridging connections for innovation

Updated 25 Oct 2006
The pharmaceutical industry (Pharma) is at a critical point in its transition to a new model of drug development: making targeted medicines.

Who's in charge here? In the world of digital convergence, it's the end user

Updated 20 Oct 2006
Who's in charge here? In the world of digital convergence, it's the end user.

Pharma's new world view: Transforming R&D through emerging markets

Updated 30 Sep 2006
Pharma's new world view: Transforming R&D through emerging markets.

Dare to be different: Why banking innovation matters now

Updated 30 Sep 2006
Dare to be different: Why banking innovation matters now.

Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond old models

Updated 23 May 2006
Looking beyond this decade, the insurance industry's current mode of operations will likely reach a point of diminishing returns. The aggregate capabilities of existing and emergent technologies almost guarantee that the next several years will mark a fundamental change in the industry.

Becoming a Leader Among Leaders: Electronics CEOs reflect on their innovation capabilities

Updated 18 May 2006
Given the electronics industry's track record, few would question whether electronics companies are innovative. But when we spoke to electronics industry CEOs in our 2006 Global CEO study, we were surprised to learn just how confident they were.

Primetime for Mobile Television: Extending the entertainment concept by bringing together the best of both worlds

Updated 05 Apr 2006
Not long ago, the thought of watching television on a small screen seemed far-fetched.

The trader is dead, long live the trader! A financial markets renaissance

Updated 04 Apr 2006
Financial markets firms must be able to succeed in an environment where analysis, not knowledge, is the value creator, and where it's not seconds that count, but milliseconds.

Healthcare in China: Toward greater access, efficiency and quality

Updated 27 Mar 2006
The development of the healthcare sector is now far behind economic development in China. A review of China's key health indicators makes clear the case for change.

Audio interview: Better Consumer Electronics Value from Better Consumer Relationships

Updated 20 Feb 2006
In this podcast, an electronics expert from IBM describes the relationship between consumers and manufacturers of electronics products.

Podcast interview: Human Resource Business Transformation Outsourcing

Updated 13 Jan 2006
George Pohle and Eric Lesser discuss research around questions that organizations need to answer, and key decisions that need to be made during the early stages of what we call HR Business Transformation Outsourcing (HR BTO).

Inside China: The Chinese view their automotive future

Updated 09 Jan 2006
China shares the outside world's hope and enthusiasm for the development of its automotive market. This interim report highlights some of the major automotive industry challenges associated with future market structure and joint venture relationships.

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