Capitalizing on mobile moments for Smarter Commerce

Determine how to build systems of engagement from vision through execution

The mobile opportunity and challenge for today’s organization

With consumer exuberance of mobile apps in full display, many enterprises are finding opportunities to deliver value by creating the perfect mobile app. Empowered consumers are demanding new engagement models on their terms with the companies they do business with. Unfortunately, many companies are also inefficiently expending a lot of capital, time, resources and opportunities developing apps that don’t add much value to their brands, businesses, or bottom lines.

What, then, is making the difference between the winners and losers in capitalizing on the promises offered by the unique characteristics and benefits of mobile?

Determining how to execute a successful mobile strategy is far from a go/no-go type of decision, but instead requires rich, layered designs with many complex attributes that organizations must work hard to determine, vet, and assemble. Discovering your mobile moment and determining delivery priorities is a process that must be undertaken with care, energy, and leading design practices.

Those willing to take the right approach will find themselves amazed by the innovation that occurs and at the value mobile apps can bring to their enterprises and bottom line, while feeling confident that opportunities were capitalized on profitably and smartly.

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