Smarter Games for Military

Serious games for strategy, tactics, operations

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Imagine Multiplayer Real Time Strategy and Role Playing games that directly affect strategic execution using Watson AI. Imagine cross-genre gameplay on the cloud where strategy is defined in one game and then executed in a First person Shooter game.

Serious Games in Military

For creating and supporting serious games for the military, IBM holds very different credentials from other defense vendors. We not only integrate real data and real processes into games, leading to much higher ROI, we also already have proven experience in designing, supporting, hosting and maintaining massively multiplayer games for entertainment. We do this for the entertainment studios in which FPS (First Person Shooter) and MMO (Massively Multi-player Online ) games are developed—many of the top-selling titles run on IBM infrastructure. IBM also has built and implemented several gaming systems on private clouds.

Cloud Hosting

IBM Infrastructure and operations run some of the world’s most demanding gaming environments, via cloud hosting. Applying IBM's experience and technology we combine computing, storage, networking, and virtualization under a single, unified management console. This creates a system that senses usage and anticipates resource needs, and then optimizes the infrastructure for use. For a popular music game, IBM manufactured and installed 6000 servers in three separate datacenters in two different cities, in a little more than six weeks. The game was supporting two million players less than three months from order.

Games—MMOs and FPSes especially—have tremendous datacenter, and datacenter operations requirements. The hosting infrastructure, or game cloud, must support communications to a large number of geographically dispersed players. In addition, games operations have special requirements that are very different from other media hosting forms such as video streaming and interactive web hosting.

Maintaining Security

The IBM security research and development team—one of the best-known commercial security research groups in the world—provides the foundation for preemptive Internet security to protect online games. Our experts research, monitor and evaluate vulnerabilities and ongoing Internet threat trends and security issues, and then develop assessment and countermeasure technology.

IBM also offers cloud-based threat analysis services, based on information collected from globally networked security operations centers. These centers identify the nature and severity of threats and provide actionable recommendations and security advice.


As with internet services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and eBay, online games are expected to be always available. To do this, IBM’s experienced architects, engineers, and operations staff implement gaming systems that can be smoothly maintained without service disruptions. We have proven experience designing and operating 'Always-On' systems than any other company in the world.