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Fix-it first support for your high-performance System z technology

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Quickly diagnose and resolve issues through direct access to IBM support specialists and our robust, realtime databases.

Optimize availability

Electronic reports help you improve system uptime and prevent software issues

Resolve issues more quickly

Gain easier access to high-level technical support to identify and resolve problems

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Single-source information and tools can support your IT staff

Services we offer

Hardware support

You can upgrade from base support to enhanced support services to create a solution that works for you.

Base support options

  • Includes warranty with server or device
  • Can be extended through hardware maintenance
  • Provides standard proactive support
  • Offers electronic downloading for specific fixes
  • Includes System z tool support

Proprietary support options

As of z114, IBM implemented Base or proprietary hardware maintenance service that will continue with future System z new product announcements.

  • Proprietary service is available during IBM warranty and post-warranty IBM maintenance periods for exclusive use by IBM Service Support Representatives.
  • Proprietary service includes everything in Base service plus video guidance, notification/use of required special tools, and fix probability of recommended parts replacements.

Enhanced support options

  • Offers enhanced response time objectives
  • Includes round-the-clock assistance
  • Provides routine, short-duration installation and usage (how-to) questions and code defect-related questions
  • Features additional services options to assist with unique requests
  • The white glove support your critical equipment needs

Maintenance enhancements—media retention option for System z

  • Simplify your asset tracking, depreciation and budget planning by embedding media retention into the support expense
  • Retain failed media that might contain sensitive data

Maintenance enhancements—support from US citizens

  • Hardware support from US citizens located in the United States to help you manage requirements for security and privacy
  • Includes remote technical support to help you avoid outages and downtime
  • Reduce security exposures when communicating with external support teams

System z On-Off Capacity on Demand

Enable temporary hardware capacity by the day rather than pay for full-time capacity that you might not need all the time.

  • Turn on additional processing units or integrated facilities from the original configuration when needed.
  • Turn off processing units or integrated facilities when the need subsides.
  • Pay additional charges only for the days the processing units or integrated facilities are turned on.
  • Better plan for short-term growth——and unplanned short-term growth driven by temporary processing requirements, such as seasonal activity, period-end requirements or special promotions.

IBM LinuxONE elastic pricing

  • Save money. Reduce capital expenditures.
  • Pay-for-use model, either through a fixed lease or a variable usage payment.
  • Utility pricing: contracted usage rate based on your configuration
  • Designed for operating expense accounting treatment
  • Low risk——you have the right to return equipment after only one year.

Software support

Alert for z series

Improve System z uptime with automatic notification of crucial software problems and fixes.

Alert for zSeries from IBM is designed to notify you about the most current high-impact software issues related to System z servers. These electronic tools provide automatic problem prevention notification, identify defective fixes and high-impact problems, and deliver solutions that apply to your operating environment.

Resolve for z series

Enhance System z availability with real-time databases and download fixes.

Resolve for zSeries from IBM is designed to give you access to up-to-the minute databases and download fixes for System z software—when you need them. And if you don’t find answers in IBM databases, our electronic reporting feature helps make it easier and quicker for you to report problems to our specialists, who can remotely notify you with a solution. Resolve for zSeries will help you electronically detect, resolve and report problems

SoftwareXcel basic edition for zSeries

Receive real-time answers online to routine software questions to promote uptime for your IBM System z servers.

SoftwareXcel basic edition for zSeries from IBM offers the remote technical support you need, when and where you need it. Your IT staff can access tools and resources to help keep your software up and running. The offering also provides supplementary skill sets without your needing additional resources—which can mean the difference between long outages and quick resolutions.

SoftwareXcel enterprise edition for zSeries

Gain expanded real-time, online technical support for your IBM System z servers.

SoftwareXcel enterprise edition for zSeries from IBM can provide valuable predictive functionality, proactive assistance designed for your system, premium response times and unlimited calls, along with all the tools featured in the basic edition. Features include:

  • Automatic Software Alert
  • Premium Response (within an hour) during prime shifts for either voice or electronic defect calls
  • Tailored Monthly Reports
  • Expanded Service Request & Delivery

Support for Linux

Designed to provide thorough, around-the-clock, enterprise-level remote usage and defect support for major distributions of the Linux operating system.

Additional support

Media and Hard Disk Retention

Help protect sensitive data by keeping your replaced media components in-house

IBM Total Microcode Support Services

Protects your IT environment with preventive analysis and proactive schedule microcode updates

Unique Advantages of IBM

IBM Call Home

Embedded in most IBM Systems, IBM Call Home notifies IBM support electronically when problems may arise, allowing IBM to start problem determination and resolution immediately.

Best practices for compliance

Avoid unplanned outages by knowing which systems are entitled to fixes, updates and technical support.

Support from IBM Watson

Technology support for your Power Systems is powered by IBM Watson – a cognitive computing engine that helps resolve problems more quickly and on the first contact.

System z Support Tools

On/off capacity on-demand capabilities and functions


Key technical support considerations for the cognitive era

With cognitive computing and the power of IBM Watson™, we will be able to use tremendous amounts of data to diagnose and fix our clients’ problems even faster—surpassing their high expectations.” Rick Ruiz, General Manager Technology Support Services

Time is money and downtime is expensive

Even the best-run IT departments are vulnerable to unexpected downtime. It pays to have a robust technical support strategy.

Technical support services for cloud, analytics, social computing and mobility


  • Kristin Busch

    Kristin Busch

    IBM z System and Intellectual Property Business Manager

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    Mark Fyffe

    Program Manager - SoftwareXcel for system z/IBMLink

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    Todd Volz

    Senior Technical Staff Member - TSS Server Business Line Global Planning Support

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