Storage Implementation Services

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Implement or migrate new storage technology more efficiently

Adopting new technology into your storage environment requires the right set of skills and experience to avoid costly risks and downtime. IBM offers fixed-scope storage implementation services to help. We provide implementation and migration solutions for storage software products, disk systems, tape systems and network-attached storage (NAS). With IBM by your side, you gain a streamlined implementation—on time, within budget and without the worry. Our skilled specialists bring years of storage expertise and use time-tested methods.

Help reduce risk

We provide more predictable implementations and migrations conducted by skilled specialists

Maintain availability

Keep critical applications and data up and running during implementation

Help control costs

Help reduce costs with more efficient, on-time and on-budget implementations and migrations

Services we offer

Implementation services for IBM XIV Storage System

Accelerate returns on your storage technology investments

Implementation services IBM Storwize V7000

Implement IBM Storwize V7000 with ease for faster return on investment

Implementation Services for Network Attached Storage systems

Implement Network Attached Storage hardware and software to minimize disruption and speed ROI

Implementation Services for tape systems - IBM System Storage TS7650 ProtecTIER

Maximize your tape system technology investment with fast, efficient implementation

Implementation Services for storage software – IBM FlashCopy SE

Facilitates a more predictable implementation to help avoid business disruption

On-site daily assist services for IBM servers

Support accelerated returns on your server and storage investments

Implementation Services for Real-time Compression Appliance

Realize data compression benefits more quickly with faster implementation

Implementation Services for Tivoli Storage Manager software products

Implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software products more quickly with less risk

Implementation Services for tape systems

Helping you realize the benefits of tape products—faster and with less risk

Implementation Services for tape systems – tape encryption and key management

Implementing a tape encryption solution for your critical data

Implementation services for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Help improve storage management with a more efficient implementation

Storage consolidation and virtualization

Optimize your storage environment to help reduce costs and complexity

Understand the issues

The duty of storage

Laura Richardson discusses the duty of storage to serve the needs of the business in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Lower the cost of storage by simplifying how it’s requested

Inefficient storage management is often marked by over-provisioning, inaccurate tiering and high costs. Efficiency depends on process standardization, but establishing the necessary governance framework can be complex and costly. Laura Richardson, IBM storage services technology executive, discusses IBM’s Intelligent Storage Service Catalog (ISSC) and the cost and efficiency benefits of making storage requests predictable and repeatable.

Understand the options

A blueprint for smarter storage management

Optimizing the storage environment with automation and analytics

Is there a cost-wise way to manage the exponential demand for storage?

IT has all hands on deck trying to manage the huge volume and velocity of data, but Barry Becker, IBM director, data center services center of excellence describes how Storage Infrastructure Optimization can help. Find out how it is helping to reduce storage costs – up to 20-25% savings in one year and up to 50% savings over 3-5 years.

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