Migration Services - consolidates file/print and Web serving workloads for Linux on System z

Consolidate workloads from distributed server farms to Linux on System z

Many businesses today have server farms running multiple operating systems in multiple locations, which puts more complex demands on IT (information technology) staff than ever before. On Demand businesses are searching for ways to reduce costs and gain efficiencies in order to achieve a competitive advantage.



Service detail

Service details

One solution is to consolidate multiple servers under one operating environment, thereby helping to decrease TCO and increasing application availability, while enhancing systems management capabilities.

To address customer requirements for affordable, flexible, open-platform systems, IBM® Global Services offers a services solution for consolidating Microsoft® Windows NT® and/or UNIX® servers to the Linux operating system for IBM System z.

This service provides a complete solution starting with an analysis of what systems and workloads should be consolidation and extending to the support and management of the new Linux on System z operating environment. Leveraging the proven stability and expandable capacity of the IBM System z while enjoying the benefits of improved application availability and reduced systems management costs.

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