Implementation Services for System z - Server Time Protocol

Enhance time synchronization of your System z environment with best practices-based implementation

Effectively replacing your IBM Sysplex Timer® device with an improved, integrated solution offers numerous benefits that can include better performance, lower costs and improved time synchronization. IBM Implementation Services for System z® - Server Time Protocol (STP) offers detailed planning and implementation based on best practices to help you quickly and safely implement STP while maintaining continuous operations.



Service detail

Service details

Providing solution and service support for effective planning and implementation of STP

In April 2009 IBM announced that IBM System z10™ would be the last server to support connections to the IBM Sysplex Timer®(9037). As a result, it may be advisable for you to start planning to implement the follow-on solution to the Sysplex Timer - Server Time Protocol (STP) that can accommodate newer technologies and capabilities crucial for long-term business development. Being able to concurrently migrate from an existing Sysplex Timer based network (also known as External Time Reference (ETR)) to an STP network requires careful planning prior to implementation. An ineffective solution implementation could put your IT infrastructure at risk and lead to more complexities, costs and disruptions.

IBM Implementation Services for System z® - Server Time Protocol (STP) is designed to help you quickly and safely implement STP in your environment. STP helps enable you to attain time synchronization within your multi server infrastructure, without encountering the limitations of using a Sysplex Timer. Through proven best practices and detailed planning, we help your in-house staff identify various implementation models and engage in the appropriate configuration required to effectively support STP. We are among the leading vendors with software and hardware capability, skills and resources who can provide end-to-end solution services to help you benefit from higher availability, eminent capabilities and improved performance from your IBM System z environment.

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