Implementation Services for Power Systems - BladeCenter POWER blades

Enable efficient implementation of the latest version of IBM AIX or Linux on your IBM Power Systems

With shrinking budgets, IT organizations struggle to implement new solutions that enhance efficiency and performance. IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems™ - BladeCenter® POWER™ blades implements the latest version of the IBM AIX® or Linux® operating system in your BladeCenter unit. Our specialists can provide quick, professional deployment to facilitate an efficient, flexible and manageable server environment that can help you enhance IT performance and reduce costs.



Service detail

Service details

Helping to ensure efficient, effective implementation of the latest Power Systems technology

The time and resources required to manage multiple physical servers can strain your financial and staff resources. As the cost of managing your IT environment continues to outpace other IT spending, you need to save money while also accommodating the demand for robust technology services. To accomplish both of these goals, you need an effective, flexible infrastructure and an IT staff that has the necessary skills and time to undertake the job.

IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems - BladeCenter POWER blades is designed to help you quickly and effectively implement the IBM AIX or Linux operating system on your new or existing Power Blade systems. We provide skilled, experienced specialists onsite to help you plan, install and configure this solution, helping you to:

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