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Helping you deploy advanced server virtualization capabilities quickly and smoothly-with less risk

Redundant servers can clutter your network, compromising performance levels and costing more in management and maintenance. IBM Implementation Services for Power® - PowerVM™ is designed for organizations that want to take advantage of the virtualization capabilities available on most IBM Power Systems™ servers so they can reduce network complexity, improve utilization and performance, and decrease costs-along a faster implementation timeline and with a reduced risk of business disruption. Designed to help you avoid using your valuable in-house resources on time-consuming virtualization implementation projects, this offering provides fixed-cost planning, installation, configuration and project management services.



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Service details

Taming server sprawl

After several years of growth in their server environments, many organizations are struggling to get server sprawl under control. Their server environments are commonly fragmented and complex with isolated systems. The processing capacity of many servers sits idle, while other servers are strained to meet the performance requirements of large and growing applications. Meanwhile, the server count continues to rise to accommodate the growing business-higher transaction volumes, increasingly data-intensive instructions and greater demands for responsiveness and availability. Organizations that keep adding stand-alone servers, however, soon discover that they need more and more staff members to manage the environment. And it is likely that they're running short on floor space in their data centers. The costs begin to build dramatically-driven up by everything from procurement and management to the temperature control system and power supply that are required to keep servers running. The server environment becomes unruly, burdensome and inflexible in the face of change.

By now, most organizations know that server virtualization can tame even the largest, most complex environments. Many have already begun to consolidate multiple servers onto fewer physical machines, thus benefiting from higher utilization rates, better performance and greater flexibility. It can be difficult, however, for IT generalists to implement a virtualization solution themselves. Without concrete, proven methodology and hands-on experience to guide them, implementation projects sometimes suffer from "scope creep," which can unexpectedly divert time and resources from more strategic activities.

IBM Implementation Services for Power® - PowerVM™ can help. Designed specifically for organizations that choose to deploy the IBM PowerVM feature available on most IBM Power Systems™ servers, this solution provides professional assistance to help you complete the implementation quickly and with less risk. Our standard offering has a fixed price and scope that includes an initial planning session, installation and configuration services and project management services from start to finish. Other customized services are also available depending on your PowerVM service needs. IBM Implementation Services for Power - PowerVM can help you take advantage of the following capabilities within the PowerVM toolkit:

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