Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex Middleware - CICS enablement

Enabling cost-effective high availability, scalability, workload balancing and data sharing



Service detail

Service detail

In today's competitive e-business environment, continuous high availability and scalability are requirements, not luxuries. You also need to be able to run diverse applications and share data efficiently while maintaining response levels. IBM Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex Middleware - CICS® enablement can provide quick, cost-effective delivery of this solution to help you achieve the highest levels of availability and scalability, as well as workload balancing with data sharing, in the IBM System z™ Parallel Sysplex® environment.

We can deliver IBM best practices and expertise through five easy-to-purchase modules:.

Facilitating cost-effective high availability and performance

According to industry experts, the hourly cost of downtime can be as high as US $8,213,470 in some industries.¹ But that figure doesn't factor in the additional price you can pay in loss of market position, reputation and customer loyalty. To stay competitive, you need to ensure that critical information is readily accessible when you most need it. That means ensuring continuous availability as well as effective use of your server resources to maximize application performance.

IBM Implementation Services for Parallel Sysplex® Middleware - CICS® enablement can help you quickly leverage CICS to achieve the highest possible levels of availability, scalability and workload balancing with data sharing. We can provide the knowledge, experience and resources you need to deliver timely, cost-effective comprehensive support enabling CICS to fully exploit sysplex capabilities in an IBM Parallel Sysplex System z™ environment.

¹ Robert Frances Group, Picking up the value of PKI: Leveraging z/OS for Improving Manageability, Reliability and Total Cost of Ownership of PKI and Digital CertificatesJerald Murphy, 2007

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