Penetration Testing

Know your weaknesses and strengthen your defenses with comprehensive penetration testing services from IBM’s security specialists

For organizations of any size, penetration testing is an absolute necessity. As security threats evolve and new technologies emerge, data privacy and security must keep pace. Failure to protect critical online assets can result in financial costs and damage to your reputation. Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities, validates existing controls, and, when done right, provides a roadmap for remediation. Monthly, quarterly, or annually, IBM can meet the penetration testing demands of any business in any industry.

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Penetration Testing features

Though penetration testing is the foundation of enterprise security, not all penetration testing services are created equal. At IBM, we offer a comprehensive penetration testing package that begins with safe and controlled exercises to simulate covert and hostile attacks. And it ends with specific guidance and recommendations for reducing risk and increasing compliance.

  • Network discovery and reconnaissance

    Extensive inspection of online hosts and services

  • Perimeter and internal probing

    Controlled exploitation of key vulnerabilities

  • Remote exploitation

    Attempt to further penetrate the network and breach valuable or confidential data

  • Analysis and remediation

    Detailed report including findings and actionable recommendations

  • Research and insight

    On-demand access to global threat analysis service, including X-Force reports

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Why IBM?

At IBM, penetration testing is just one of many security services we offer our clients. We monitor, in real time, some of the most complex corporate networks in the world. We develop some of the most sophisticated testing tools in the industry, many of which are used by our competitors. And our team of highly skilled security professionals is constantly identifying and analyzing new threats, often before they are known by the world at large. In fact, we maintain the largest single database of known cyber security threats in the world. In other words, choosing IBM for your IT security needs may just be the easiest decision you'll make today.

Complimentary vulnerability assessment

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    Scan 10 different IP addresses once a week for three weeks, and check results on our secure, web-based portal.
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