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Respond to dynamic business demands with an agile and resilient data center network

Success sometimes comes with a price. As your systems continue to grow, so does the cost of doing business. Your IT staff faces increasing demands on data center network capacity, flexibility, scalability and functionality. Meanwhile, you must continue to improve security and resilience, deliver better service and embrace new technology all with a tighter budget.

Data center network integration services from IBM includes architecture, design, integration and deployment for secure and resilient networking environments designed to drive business agility, innovation and growth. We can also help you build an optimal networking infrastructure in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

Data center network integration services features

Whether you’re upgrading, moving, building or consolidating your data centers, IBM can deliver a network design directly linked to your business needs. We help you:

Why IBM?

Our specialists use IBM’s structured delivery methodology, deep experience and project management expertise in data center networking and cloud. IBM services include data center network security, consolidation and virtualization; private optical networking for higher availability of applications and data; and network and storage convergence. Our skilled consultants apply a collaborative, time-tested approach to help analyze your business and IT plans to build a networking infrastructure that aligns to these needs.

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