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Networking Services

An industry specific approach that delivers flexible and adaptable communications environment to support your organization’s current and future business needs

In industries such as utilities and telecommunications, networks are not just critical to your business—they are your business. You need a network environment that can be responsive to the demands of your industry, and most importantly—your customers.

IBM has the industry specialized solutions and services for you. IBM brings the expertise to help you strategize, design, deploy and optimize your industry-unique network environment.

Gain visibility and insights
We can provide integration services for solutions that deliver greater visibility and insight into the network in support of more timely business decisions

Improve efficiency and plan for the future
Plan, design, implement and monitor your network to help reduce costly operational inefficiencies, improve overall service quality and future-proof your communications environment

Customized network solutions
Implement industry-specific network solutions; such as a carrier grade IP network infrastructure for telecommunications companies or a security-rich smart-grid solution for utility providers

What we offer

Intelligent Utility Network Communications Services

Implement a communications network to support smart grid operations

Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services

Build a high-performing network infrastructure that can handle demands in the telecommunications industry

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IBM Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services.

Leverage IBM services to build next generation IP networks and solutions that can deliver new video, voice and data services

IBM Intelligent Utility Network Communications Services

Enable more intelligent, security-rich communications solutions for your utility power network