Business of IT dashboard

Accelerate the design and implementation of an IT dashboard and its integration into your existing IT infrastructure

IBM IT Lifecycle Management and Governance Services - business of IT dashboard helps clients synchronize IT and business performance by designing and implementing online dashboards that provide visibility into enterprise wide IT operations and key business performance and risk indicators.



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Service details

Today, a company's ability to compete, prosper - even survive - depends on its ability to understand, leverage and integrate business and IT skills, processes and capabilities in the service of corporate strategies and operations.

As an IT manager, you need to collect, monitor and act on information regarding the use and performance of IT assets and services and communicate that information to the pertinent executives and managers across your enterprise as well as to the other members of your IT delivery organization and partners. You need to:

Business of IT dashboard from IBM can help you assess, design, implement and run a dashboard that will allow you to monitor IT activities and performance so you can ensure that they link directly to IT service operations and processes to support your business objectives. IBM assesses the maturity of your existing IT service organization and processes, identifies the optimum set of entry-level dashboard capabilities and then presents transformation options that can help you achieve higher levels of IT business value.

Business of IT dashboard can help provide you with the:

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