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Imagine if you could spend most of your time and resources sponsoring innovation instead of running IT and managing costs. IT as a Service is an approach for defining and consuming digital services through a hybrid cloud infrastructure so you can run every workload in its optimal place — at optimal cost and business performance.

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Mobile Collaboration Services

Improve business communications and reduce complexity with cloud-delivered collaboration services.

IBM Cloud Brokerage Solutions

Plan, buy and manage IT services across all cloud models from multiple suppliers.

  • Embrace Shadow IT
  • Transform your enterprise IT
  • Design and manage hybrid cloud
  • Provision new or scale

Multivendor Support Services

Streamlines maintenance support through a single point of contact.

  • Enhance equipment return on investment
  • Reduce IT support cost
  • Enable predictable budgeting

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson

Bring IT support into the cognitive era.

  • Any device, any time, any location
  • Personalized user experience
  • Empower your users

IBM Managed Mobility Services

Gain the skills and expertise you need to manage a range of mobile technologies and BYOD programs.

  • Mobile device and application management
  • Email and access to corporate content
  • Containerization
  • Help desk

IBM Networking Services for Software Defined Networks

Programmable and virtualized networks for hybrid cloud and IT-as-a-service.

  • Agility rapid app innovation
  • App migration & modernization
  • Visibility and governance
  • Hybrid cloud and ITaaS models

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration

Transform your disaster recovery management through automation.

  • Intelligent automation of DR workloads
  • Centralized dashboard

IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service

Reduce risk and improve response time during unplanned critical events.

  • Executive crisis management
  • Incident management
  • Disaster Recovery

IBM Resiliency Backup as a Service

Protect your data with flexible, fast cloud-based backup and recovery

  • Customize your backup solution
  • Pay-as-you-use monthly pricing
  • Monitor your data environment

Retail Technology Support Solutions

Vendor agnostic, single-source technical support solutions for your entire store that saves you time and money.

  • Global Support, Wherever and Whenever
  • One Number to Call
  • Cutting Edge Technology Support

IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions

Integrated healthcare IT support solutions for more efficient support management and improvement in systems up time.

  • Single Source Healthcare IT Experts
  • Increase Availability
  • Optimize IT ROI, Reduce Support Costs

IBM Mobile Virtualization Services

IBM Mobile Virtualization Services can accelerate and simplify your transition to a virtualized desktop environment.

  • Assess
  • Build
  • Integrate and streamline
  • Centralize administration

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