Now there’s a new way of doing business. Your way.

In today's always-changing market, technology problems have become business problems, and vice versa.

IBM Services Platform with Watson helps you run IT, so you can focus on business innovation.

Finally, you have the power to innovate no matter how complex your IT environment.

Agility is critical to success. Today's complex IT environments demand that businesses must embrace a new, services-focused mindset.

Both a business and technology solution, IT as a Service (ITaaS) on the IBM Services Platform with Watson is an entirely new way to do business.

ITaaS on the IBM Services Platform with Watson applies cognitive capabilities across your IT infrastructure, enabling your IT processes to run by themselves, while you and your teams can focus on innovation – all powered by the insights of augmented intelligence.

Your infrastructure runs itself and continues to learn. Your IT is optimized. Your innovation is unleashed.

The building blocks of ITaaS

Cloud Resiliency Orchestration

Keep your business up and running even if your systems go down. Orchestration is the way.

Cloud Brokerage

This helps you plan and manage IT services across all cloud models from multiple suppliers.

Managed Services

Now you can easily manage your hybrid IT even if you have multiple locations and providers.

Mobility Services

Put your business in motion with anyone, anywhere, anytime. IBM makes mobility easy.

Software-Defined Networking

This building block can increase your agility and lower costs as you shift from hardware networks.

Multivendor Support Services

We’ll manage your vendors – giving you more time to manage your business.

ITaaS resources

ITaaS for Dummies

ITaaS for Dummies

For an easy-to-understand introduction to ITaaS.

Unleash a new way of doing business with IBM Services Platform with Watson

Unleash a new way of doing business with IBM Services Platform with Watson

Learn how your organization can benefit from an ITaaS model infused with cognitive capabilities by hearing from one of our clients.

Card example

Transitioning to the cloud with ITaaS

Learn how hybrid cloud can save you money and foster growth.

Sysco case study

"IBM enables the automation that helps us keep our critical operational systems running every day, which really helps our uptime and our delivery to our customers."

- Wayne Shurts, CTO, EVP, Sysco

Connect with an ITaaS expert

IBM Fellow, Global Lead for
GTS Enterprise IT Transformation Advisors

Mickey Iqbal
Mickey Iqbal

VP, Global Technology
Services Labs

Gopal Pingali

VP & CTO, Cognitive

Maheswaran Surendra

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