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See how IBM Services Platform with Watson can change the way you work.

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See how IBM Services Platform with Watson can change the way you work.

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Services we offer

Mobility Services

Plan your approach, manage devices and end-user applications and related network infrastructure.

Cloud and Systems Services

Build and manage highly efficient infrastructure to respond to change and drive innovation.

Network Services

Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments.

Technology Support Services

Simplify management and streamline maintenance of IBM and multi-vendor environments.

Resiliency Services

Maintain business continuity and recover critical business applications no matter the circumstances.

Outsourcing and Managed Services

Engineer your business for innovation and growth while driving bottom-line benefits.

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$135.6B daily card transactions (>60% of total industry)

Source: The Nilson Report 2015

7.6B mobile connections worldwide (>53% of total industry)

Source: GSMA Intelligence, The Mobile Economy 2016

$849B of hypermarket retail sales (>47% of total industry)

Source: S&P Capital IQ 2015 data, Annual reports

1086B revenue passenger miles (>27% of total industry)

Source: IATA Industry Facts website, ICAO Website, Annual Reports

198M people served by regional governments in US and Canada (>55% of citizens)

Source: WW, US and Canada census population statistics

$970B of world wide insurance premiums (>20% of total industry)

Source: International Insurance Fact Book 2016, Annual Reports