Implementation Services for Power Systems - virtual I/O server

Implement virtualization features to enhance the value of your Power Systems investment

To realize the full value of your investment in Power Systems™ hardware, you need help implementing virtualization features to achieve optimum resource utilization. IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems - virtual I/O server provides services to plan and implement a single virtual I/O server (VIOS) configuration for up to two servers in your environment-with minimal business disruption.



Service detail

Service details

Harnessing IBM expertise to realize the benefits of virtualization with VIOS

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to maximize the utilization of their Power Systems™ server hardware and host additional workloads by creating more logical partitions (LPARs). But the creation of LPARs is often limited by the number of physical resources available on the system. And, improper configuration of your server environment can result in performance and usability issues. As a result, these problems, along with the lack of in-house experience and expertise, cause many organizations to be unable to fully utilize the potential of their new or existing Power Systems servers.

IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems - virtual I/O server (VIOS) leverages IBM experience and technical expertise to help you implement a virtual I/O server. This service can help you reap the benefits of advanced virtualization features available with the Power Systems server hardware, helping to ensure optimal physical resource utilization. Virtual I/O server provides:

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