Data center strategy services

Resiliency Services

Optimize your data center assets with strategy and planning services

When it’s time to create a more responsive business, take a look at your data center. Is your infrastructure flexible enough to adapt to new technology and market requirements? Efficient to run and resilient to disruptions? If your data center is falling short, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy.

IBM offers data center strategy and planning services to help you identify and plan what you need to do and how you need to do it. Our consultants use analytical tools based on extensive research from interdisciplinary teams with deep skills and knowledge—from data mining and analytics to outage mitigation.


Enable business growth
Identify a data center strategy aligned to strategic business goals


Improve efficiency
Find and reallocate underutilized assets to drive more value


Help reduce costs
Help reduce operational expenses of maintaining your data center

What we offer

Data center energy efficiency assessment

Get a robust energy analysis that prioritizes tactical plans across your data center to help improve efficiency and reduce costs

Enterprise command center health check workshop

Optimize your command center to help improve savings and performance

Data center assessment and planning

Define your data center requirements and operational criteria

IT infrastructure discovery (ALDM)

Reduce the complexity of infrastructure discovery with a simple but highly effective tool

Understand the issues

Is your data center efficient and reliable?

Find out fast with a complimentary data center best practices evaluation


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