Converged communications services for Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony

Implement a streamlined solution for improved communications within your business

A distributed workforce, along with disparate communications tools from multiple vendors, can make smooth collaboration a challenge for your organization. IBM Converged Communications Services for Lotus® Sametime® Unified Telephony can help you implement an integrated unified communications solution for a more cohesive, collaborative and responsive organization.


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Easing complexity to deliver a comprehensive solution

To meet increasing service level requirements, today's organizations need leading-edge communications tools to enable effective collaboration between mobile workers and a geographically distributed workforce. But the complexity of integrating communications systems from different vendors is a formidable challenge, and can cause delays in the processes that are vital to running your business. To reduce complexity, speed communications and lower costs, you need to implement a solution that helps integrate multiple vendor technologies so that your employees and partners can seamlessly connect, collaborate and more easily communicate, deliver better service and ensure faster responsiveness to customer demands.

IBM Converged Communications Services for Lotus® Sametime® Unified Telephony helps you implement a communications solution that enables your users to connect to each other regardless of the private branch exchange (PBX) they are using. IBM delivers the necessary strategy, assessment, architecture, design, integration and deployment services to help you leverage existing and disparate multivendor telephony systems with a single user interface-easing the implementation of a unified communications solution into a complex environment.

To support organizations who want to deploy Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT), IBM Software Services for Lotus can be used to successfully deploy or upgrade to the latest level of Sametime servers and clients. The Sametime software upgrade services are a great complement to these telephony and integration services provided by IBM Global Technology Services to support your success with SUT.

See the ISSL Services page for additional Sametime services that the Consulting, Education, and Premium Support teams at ISSL can deliver.

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