The right approach to cognitive business is hybrid cloud.

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Hybrid's here to saty. 7 in 10 decision makers say they'll always have a blend of traditional IT and cloud
Tunneling into new territory? leading organizations are 2x as likely to be using hybrid clou do expand into new markets
Quick-change artist? For 85% of leading organizations, hybrid cloud is accelerating digital transformation

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Norway-based Cxense ASA provides engagement and personalization analytics that power more than 6000 websites worldwide — with approximately one billion customer profiles. Cxense needed a hosting platform that could scale efficiently while securely maintaining customer data.

Cxense implemented a hybrid cloud solution that allowed them to expand data centers to locations in Europe and Japan and quickly and easily support growing demand.

As a result, Cxense achieved 98% faster deployment with provisioning reduced from three months to less than a day.


Russia’s renowned Mariinsky Theatre wanted to expand its global reach by live-streaming opera, ballet and orchestra performances. High streamed content quality was a critical priority.

By connecting their existing infrastructure to a scalable, high-performance cloud hosting solution, the theatre was able to accommodate a fluctuating number of viewers on its digital content streaming platform.

  As a result, the theatre was able to cut capital expense by $20,000, boost performance by 30% and accelerate infrastructure deployment by 99%.


Switzerland-based nViso developed a facial imaging solution that captures and deciphers human emotions in real time, using video streams from webcams, mobile devices and in-store cameras.

  Recognizing an opportunity to revolutionize customer sentiment analysis in the retail sector, nVisio adopted a hybrid cloud solution to offer new ways to analyze real-time data assets extracted from videos of customers.

With the flexibility to run facial imaging solutions in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid, nVisio’s clients can work with customer data wherever it is stored and gain insight into how customers’physical reactions affects their purchasing behavior.


Finland’s largest airline wants to manage costs and grow revenue by offering new digital services to improve customer experience.

  They are leveraging the flexibility of a hybrid cloud platform to integrate new cloud services with their existing infrastructure. They started using cognitive capabilities that improve employee productivity by enabling agents to more quickly find responses to customer needs and intelligent, online self-help tools for locating information.

With implementation underway, Finnair hopes to gain operational efficiency, reduce complexity and establish a foundation to support new growth initiatives.


Shaspa, a leading global vendor of smart solutions for both home and office, needed to store and process information seamlessly in order to enable sophisticated analytics from sensor data collected from residential and commercial spaces.

  By building a hybrid cloud-based IoT platform to connect and control a variety of environments, Shaspa was able to connect building automation systems, household appliances and mobile platforms from hundreds of global manufacturers.

As a result, Shaspa can deliver real-time intelligent analytics to optimize living and working conditions while reducing costs through smart automation.

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