Driving Enterprise Resiliency with Data Center Consolidation and Migration

Data center consolidation and migration can be far more than a cost reduction or facilities exercise—it can transform the business value of IT across your enterprise.

Imagine migrating a data center, without knowing exactly what applications, data and IT equipment you’re moving? Skyrocketing data growth, burgeoning new technologies and increasing demands for rapid IT services have left many data center inventories in disarray– and at risk for a disruption. Learn how IT discovery tools can give you a 360-degree view of your data center environments as part of the data center migration and consolidation process which can help you:

Improve resiliency
Understand your IT environment like never before, rationalize IT assets, identify and remediate IT risks and position your data center for the future

Avoid downtime
Meet critical application availability requirements by using specialized migration techniques

Reduce costs
Improve operational efficiency, downsize and centralize your IT environment and optimize resource usage

Learn how using the right IT discovery tools during a migration/consolidation effort can deliver unprecedented IT knowledge and value for your enterprise.


IBM Data Center Consolidation & Relocation Services

Migrate your applications, data and IT equipment while reducing the risk of outages.

IBM Cloud Resiliency Application and IT Discovery

Lower the risk and cost of your data center consolidation and migrations through logical IT discovery of applications, data and IT equipment.

IBM Data Center Strategy

Optimize your data center assets with strategy and planning services.

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IBM Site, Facilities and Data Center Services

Plan, design, build and manage flexible, cost-effective, resilient data centers and facilities

ATB Financial Technology Transformation

ATB Financial, a Canadian financial institution formed in 1938, turns to IBM Global Technology Services for its data center relocation and transformation.

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