Business Continuity Awareness Week

Discover the value of business continuity

Business never stops – are your critical systems, data, and applications able to keep up? Join our webinar series to realize the value of business continuity management in an always-on world.

Organizations that invest in end-to-end business continuity management programs have a proven competitive advantage. IBM Resiliency Services helps clients develop an enterprise-wide strategy to support near-continuous operations 24/7/365. Join IBM during Business Continuity Awareness Week to realize the value of business continuity management in an always-on world.

Linda Laun

Business Continuity Management & Security: Teaming for cyber events brings real business value

Linda Laun, Chief Continuity Architect, IBM Global Business Continuity

The threat of cyber attacks and data breaches continues to grow, as do the associated costs. As your business moves to cloud-based technologies and enables business processes for mobile and the Internet of Things (IOT) you introduce new risks. Leveraging BCM in preparing and responding to a cyber event produces real value to the business.

Tony Perry

Improving the efficiency of resilience mitigation & response

Tony Perry, Managing Consultant, IBM Resiliency Services

There is a saying that "the cobbler's children are the last to get shoes". As BCM professionals we ensure that other business functions continue to have the tools to do their jobs whilst we go without. Yet failures in resilience cost organizations dearly – both in direct costs and as the result of reputational impact. But with increasingly complex and integrated systems, monitoring of risk mitigation and response can be costly. Incidents affecting business and IT operations are daily occurrences, often escalating into critical events, without proper management and communications. How can we improve efficiency and provision whilst staying within financial constraints? This webinar, explores these topics.

Margaret Mills

Resiliency Response and Communications: Your first line of defense against a disruption

Margaret Mills, Solution Design

Most businesses have near zero tolerance for service outages and disruptions, regardless of the cause. How do Business Continuity professionals demonstrate a positive ROI for applications while meeting always-on expectations? In an operationally always-on world, business communications must be real-time with rapid response to outages to keep your business running. To achieve this level of Operational Resiliency, you must implement automated communications that eliminate breakdown during a crisis event or disruption. Join this webinar to learn about the latest technologies that you can use today to automate communications for real-time incident and crisis management, regardless of the channel. Are you ready to respond to your next disruption?

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Case Studies

Today, disaster recovery readiness requires planning, practice and the right partner

Forbes Insights: Textron is Building Resiliency into Disaster Recovery

Today, disaster recovery readiness requires planning, practice and the right partner

Forbes Insights: Planning Paradise across the IT Landscape

Forbes Insights: Planning Paradise across the IT Landscape

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Forbes Insights: Lefdal Mine

IBM takes data protection to a new level, 150 meters underground at the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway

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