SOA management services

I've implemented, or will be implementing SOA based systems - How can I manage them effectively?


SOA Management Services help organizations define and implement their operational governance and management structures, roles and responsibilities, processes, controls and enabling technologies needed to establish and sustain the SOA environment.

The SOA management framework and its supporting infrastructure builds upon industry leading practices along the SOA continuum to promote value realization through business and IT collaboration, efficient development processes, asset reuse and optimized operational environments.


Establish the capabilities, roles and responsibilities to effectively monitor and manage the development and delivery of SOA services.

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What we offer

Business of IT dashboard

IBM IT Lifecycle Management and Governance Services - business of IT dashboard, employing IBM's experience, preconfigured components and best-practice approach, can accelerate the design and implementation of an IT dashboard and its integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

Event management and monitoring

Achieving service excellence through event automation and correlation

Service management design

Design a reliable and efficient IT service management framework aligned with your business objectives.