Case study: Healthcare organization

A healthcare organization meets growth demands with cognitive insight from IBM Watson Analytics

To meet continuous growth demands, a large U.S. healthcare organization required a technology and business process partner capable of identifying, assessing and delivering a large volume of talented new employees in any given year. It is now utilizing the cognitive power of Talent Insights on cloud with IBM® Watson™ Analytics.

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A new environment requires new capabilities.

The targeted use of advanced talent analytics is essential to meet the challenges of today's new environment while linking talent strategies directly to desired business results. Moreover, cognitive computing has the potential to touch every stage of the employee lifecycle and every aspect of the HR function. The emerging cognitive HR function harnesses data and analytics to amplify HR's ability to:

  • Build organizational capabilities by producing personalized advice and recommendations for employees and managers
  • Create capacity for HR professionals to focus on strategy
  • Deliver insights that drive better talent decisions

How it works

Explore our solutions:

Predictive Attrition and Workforce Planning Analytics: Use advanced analytics to examine historical data from a range of HR and enterprise systems, as well as external sources, to predict employees' propensity to leave, identify drivers of attrition, and optimize the workforce mix to achieve desired financial outcomes.

Predictive Hiring and Talent Acquisition Analytics: Apply cognitive tools to predict which candidates are most likely to succeed in specific roles based on structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, including personality insights gleaned from resumes and other digital footprints. Also examine which hiring sources and strategies are producing the highest quality of hire at the best cost.

Cognitive Recruiting: IBM Watson Recruitment can solve some of the most significant recruitment challenges organizations face today, including workforce strategy, talent acquisition, market, competitor and engagement issues.

Social Sentiment and Engagement Analytics: Tap into streams of structured and unstructured external and internal social media data as well as internal annual and pulse survey data to gain rich insights into your employment brand and the voice of candidates and employees.

Personalized Learning: IBM Watson Talent Development uses cognitive capabilities to provide employees targeted and personalized learning recommendations based on their preferences, current skill profile and job role. Learners can access content across multiple sources, both formal and informal, from a single intuitive user interface.

Learning Analytics: Move beyond the traditional cost, delivery, and satisfaction reports that are typically the extent of an organization's insight into its learning and development activity. Bring together data from learning systems, other HR and enterprise systems.

Cognitive HR Operations: IBM Cognitive Agent Assist for HR uses cognitive technology to extend the expertise of HR Service Center practitioners. By understanding natural language, it allows HR client services to serve clients better while helping to reduce costs.

Talent Analytics Strategy, Foundations, and Adoption: Quickly assess the organization's readiness to start and sustain a talent analytics journey. Build a plan and business case to support a program that will drive meaningful business results.

The benefits

These solutions equip HR and front-line managers to take targeted, proactive steps to understand, find, attract and retain key talent, help recruiters focus on candidates most likely to succeed in a specific role, and enable HR to deliver personalized experiences to employees. Moreover, they provide HR leaders with the insights they need to answer focused business questions and optimize their investments.

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