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IBM Kenexa Recruitment Marketing

Just as you can market your external brand to raise awareness with consumers, recruitment marketing enables you to raise awareness with potential candidates and drive them to your career site. IBM Kenexa Recruitment Marketing can help uncover places for passive candidates to ensure your recruitment advertising and social media messages are reaching the right outlets.

An effective recruitment marketing campaign can help lower the number of unqualified candidates, while increasing the quality—enhancing the results of your recruitment and retention efforts. These cultural marketing efforts not only provide candidates with information about your organization, but can also enable potential employees to understand what makes your organization unique.

The IBM Kenexa Recruitment Marketing solution, which sits on top of our highly recognized IBM Kenexa Recruitment Process Outsourcing, can help you more effectively recruit candidates for specific positions by identifying the capability, capacity and cultural fit of top performers in your organization. Those findings can then be used in recruitment advertising and social media marketing campaigns that use unique messaging, creative design and reach to attract candidates who meet your company’s needs to help improve overall engagement and retention.

When combined with the IBM Kenexa Organizational Cultural Insight Survey, our Recruitment Marketing solution empowers candidates to self-select themselves in or out of the hiring process based on corporate culture, which means lower recruitment costs, quicker onboarding and discovery of new talent.

The process for developing an effective recruitment marketing campaign includes the following steps:

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