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Business Process Re-invention

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Reap the rewards of Business Process Re-invention

Today's market calls for a different kind of business process outsourcing provider. One that takes into account your company's unique identity and position in the market. One that can deliver sustainable competitive advantage through process innovation.

Today's market calls for IBM Global Process Services.

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Business Process Re-invention. Watch the video

Business Process Re-invention

GPS goes beyond the bounds of traditional BPO to create value and redefine what it means to be a global business today.

IBM Business Process as a Service

IBM Business Process as a Service

IBM’s Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) combines deep process expertise with analytics-driven insight and cloud based technology to create new powerful ways for you to innovate and engage with your customers.

Success Stories - Partnering with IBM. Watch the video.

Success Stories - Partnering with IBM

TP Vision partnered with GPS to implement a flexible infrastructure, IBM SmartCloud™ Service Delivery, bringing value-added services to their customers.

Cultural Continuity. Watch the video.

Cultural Continuity

At GPS, we adopt our client's culture, extending their core organizational values globally.

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Client Collaboration

We work closely with our clients for the duration of each relationship, helping us to react quickly to their needs.

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EPIC: A Methodology for Innovation

Our Enterprise Process Innovation Continuum (EPIC) is the analytics-driven methodology we use to innovate business processes.

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Transitioning Business Processes

Once you decide to work with IBM Global Process Services, what's the first step? We begin the transition with a comprehensive knowledge transfer.

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EPIC: Extending Innovation

We perform business processes for some of the most respected and successful companies in the world, and this work benefits all of our clients.

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Global Network of Delivery Centers

IBM delivery centers scale up or down to respond to our clients' business opportunities, challenges, seasonal cycles, time zone demands, and diverse geographic requirements.