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Mortgage lenders around the world are facing unrelenting pressure to lower costs, deliver compliant processes, and better communicate and transact with borrowers seeking optimized customer service. IBM Global Process Services offers solutions to address the unique needs of mortgage lenders. We draw on deep industry experience and broad process expertise to help the world's leading lenders become more customer-centric, reduce cycle times and manage risk.

IBM Global Process Services provides targeted outsourcing capabilities for origination and servicing of mortgages. Specific areas of focus include:

Impact Lending Suite - Software for Mortgage Origination and Servicing

With the oscillation of interest rates and the onslaught of consumer protection regulations, the mortgage lending industry is in flux. Lenders need agile, intelligent rules-based tools and platforms to adapt to this ever-changing landscape. Further, these platforms must be tested and proven to withstand the flood of applications that occurs when interest rates go down. Lenders seeking market leadership need reliable partners who can leverage the latest digital tools to streamline and improve the customer experience, compress cycle times and improve overall margins.

Impact is the first web-based solution optimizing the loan origination supply chain. The Impact solution provides an end-to-end lending platform for lenders to qualify, underwrite, process, close and fund hundreds of thousands of loans each year. Impact has a track record of compressing cycle times while enforcing strict compliance at numerous large lenders. Its rules-based, events-based service-oriented architecture is ideal for lenders seeking agility and scalability. The platform’s high-level functionality includes:


IBM Digital Loan Processing (DLP) solution

For lenders and borrowers, working with outdated processes such as hard-copy documents, telephone-only customer contact, error-prone manual data entry and inefficient document reviews create frustration and expense. Borrowers are often left disenchanted by unnecessary rework and a lack of status updates. Additionally, lenders experience a higher cost in processing loans, more incoming calls from dissatisfied customers, incomplete loan packages, and overall an abundance of time-consuming churn.

The IBM Digital Loan Processing (DLP) solution provides the tools through which lenders and borrowers can seamlessly connect throughout the application process ' enabling borrower self-service, real-time processing and overall transaction transparency. This managed service is a fully outsourced solution for mortgage and loan document processing based on an IBM proprietary solution encompassing several software assets, mobile technology and analytics. This transformative solution includes the following benefits:


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Digital Loan Processing (DLP) solution from IBM

Transform loan processes and employ sophisticated digital tools to reduce cycle time, improve loan quality, and create an optimal customer experience.

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Michael Kula
Global Managing Director - GPS Lending Solutions