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Order to Cash BPaaS

Like most companies, you offer goods and services on credit. When your customers take more time to pay than their credit terms allow, the result can be hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in your customers’ bank accounts instead of yours. To help you address this problem, we have launched our Order to Cash BPaaS, a new suite of Finance & Accounting offerings that highlights opportunities for process optimization in the end-to-end order-to-cash (O2C) process and identifies your potential yield in improved working capital.

IBM Order to Cash BPaaS provides a robust suite of more than 100 proprietary analytics tools that wrap around your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, without replacing them. The cloud-delivered tools are designed to enable and enhance your O2C operations by bringing them under a single, standardized platform. This platform supports advanced workflow, automation and visibility across the O2C continuum, from cash collections and dispute management to cash application and reporting.

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IBM Order to Cash BPaaS

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Order to Cash BPaaS

Help automate, standardize and optimize your end order-to-cash process.