Our goal is to make trading simple, efficient, safe and smart!

IBM PEPPOL Services enable you to exchange PEPPOL documents electronically with all your trading partners, public as well as private sector, wherever they are, and regardless of original format.

We support you in integrating partners, processes, and applications. From analysis, design, and implementation to the day-to-day operations, you can benefit from our expertise.

Integration projects may vary a lot, however, the goals are often the same – cost reduction, efficient and secure exchange of business data and trading documents.

Your focus

  • One adapter
    your entry point to IBM
  • One format
    the format you want to use for formatting, sending and receiving
  • One network
    through IBM you can reach all partners and they can reach you

IBM will help you with

  • Conversion between formats
  • Transmission of data and documents with control points and certifications
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Operations support and consulting assistance
  • Operation and continuous development of infrastructure and applications

Our solutions use standardized components in order to facilitate integration with your existing infrastructure. Transmission and conversion of data and documents make full use of the advantages of PEPPOL, combined with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

IBM is at the forefront of the technological development within integration and EDI. We support our customers in operating their business in a smarter and more efficient way.

You are welcome to challenge us

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