Vulnerability management

Find and remediate IT vulnerabilities to limit exposure to attacks

Vulnerabilities in your IT systems and software are open doors for attackers to gain unauthorized access and compromise your data. But constantly scanning your entire IT infrastructure for weaknesses is a huge task—one that can be costly and challenging for any company to tackle alone.

IBM’s hosted vulnerability management cloud-based services scan your internal and external infrastructure to identify and classify vulnerabilities and offer steps to remediate threats. Our vulnerability management services offer advanced scanning capabilities that detect security weaknesses across your network devices, servers, web applications, and databases to help you reduce risk and better manage compliance. And because vulnerability management is delivered as a cloud-based service, you can be up and running more quickly and inexpensively than with in-house solutions.

Hosted vulnerability management features

Keeping up with threats these days isn’t easy; we can help. Our hosted vulnerability management service offers advanced scanning capabilities to detect and prioritize hidden risks on your public-facing and internal network infrastructure. With our services you can:

  • Scan accurately

    Keep up with known and emerging security threats that can compromise your systems and expose data

  • Take action

    Detailed reports outline your greatest vulnerability risks and provide remediation steps

  • Manage compliance

    Get more accurate scan results so you can better track, understand, and report on your security posture

  • Scan comprehensively

    Satisfy internal and external security mandates, including payment card industry (PCI) standards

  • Understand attacks

    Automatic integration with correlation and analytics helps identify successful breaches and unsuccessful attacks on patched devices

  • Document status

    Automated population of asset records helps keep track of criticality, sensitivity, and regulated status of assets

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Why IBM?

Hosted vulnerability management services are part of IBM’s managed security services suite that enable end-to-end security monitoring and management, better visibility, and increased efficiency while supporting multiple technologies, vendors, and devices. Our competitive pricing and delivery model are standardized across core services, offering increased flexibility based on service-level agreements to help you gain significant cost savings and facilitating a cumulative improvement in your security posture. We can help optimize your return on investment and offer highly customized services that are tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

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