Business Continuity
Awareness Week 2014

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What is the cost of a business continuity programme? It may seem expensive, especially if you never have to put it into action. Perhaps the more pertinent question to ask is: what is the cost of not having a business continuity programme, or one that doesn’t work properly? Whatever mitigation programmes we put in place, incidents, accidents and disasters will still happen, and inevitably they will be costly. We often come across stories of businesses that are forced to close down following a disaster, but many more do not even become stories, they are just statistics because it happens so often.

Business Continuity Awareness Week is about promoting the value of good business continuity and raising the profile of the profession. It is about demonstrating that disasters can be costly, but with a good business continuity programme in place they do not need to be so.

IBM hosted 2 webinars during BCAW

Webinar 1 on 18th March 2 – 3 pm

Resilience in action - sharing Business Continuity lessons learned

Webinar 2 on 20th March 10 - 11 am

Business Continuity - Counting the Cost

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