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IBM Global Business Services and SAP consulting services

For over 30 years, IBM Global Business Services and SAP have combined services, technologies and applications to help some 5,000 of our clients worldwide implement successful SAP projects. IBM employs over 10,000 SAP practitioners in 80 countries, with an average of nine years of hands-on SAP experience across the team. Our global SAP implementation capabilities offer IBM’s full breadth of services including consulting, infrastructure and applications, in-depth support, and operational and management processes.

Through our close alliance with SAP, IBM is uniquely qualified to be your solution provider from the most simple to the most complex SAP deployment. IBM:

IBM complements its broad scope of SAP services with proven methodologies and best-in-class project management tools. We also offer SAP support teams to supply around-the-clock call centre support - across all time zones - for common SAP issues. This emphasis on practice excellence has helped us achieve a leadership position, serving over 70 percent of SAP's Fortune 500 installed base as well as small and medium business clients.

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