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Estra S.p.A.: Delivering more responsive service to delight customers and drive growth

The company joined forces with IBM Premier Business Partner Uno Informatica S.r.l. to implement powerful new IBM server and storage technology, for faster IT processing and improved performance.


Ecogas: Fueling rapid growth and building game-changing analytics capabilities with IBM and SAP

Ecogas is replacing legacy business solutions with SAP for utilities running on SAP HANA, integrating smoothly with existing SAP ERP systems.


Sipchem: Refining back-office processes to cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance profitability

Sipchem partnered with IBM to deploy standardized, end-to-end business processes based on integrated SAP applications, enabling huge cost savings, new insights and greater corporate agility.

Solution overview

IBM solutions for SAP applications in the energy and utility industry are designed to help individuals and businesses manage power usage more intelligently and deliver power and analysis based on customer demands.

How it works

IBM offers an advanced meter management solution for SAP applications that coordinates a seamless network, linking meter data with the back office.

Competitive advantage

IBM and SAP, with over 40 years of partnership, can provide unique offerings and drive the business case and customer value through accelerated implementation.

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Mobilizing the utility workforce: How mobile technology and analytics will transform work

By redesigning work processes and activities from a mobile-first perspective, utilities companies can continue to innovate and evolve with rapidly changing energy markets.


How IBM helped CenterPoint Energy transform the customer experience

Differentiate your business with the ability to predict and proactively fulfill customers' future needs.

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