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IBM and SAP are co-innovating solutions that increase customer value through cognitive extensions, enhanced customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality.

Client Success Story:

New York Life Insurance empowers employees and unlocks time savings by transforming HR systems

"We've undergone a major strategic transformation with the help of IBM and SAP."

-Amy Falk, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company

Client Success Story:

Bestore: Solving the challenges of Singles’ Day in China

"We knew that we wanted to work with IBM—only by partnering with the best can we become the best."

- Yang Hongchun, Chairman, Bestore

Client Success Story:

G2 Tecnologia: Seizing market share and delighting customers with SAP applications in the IBM cloud

"IBM Cloud offers the best service at the best price. For winning new business, it’s a game-changer."

- Glaucia Vieira, Technology Director, G2

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How will you transform your business? IBM and SAP work together to create customized solutions that increase customer value, enhance the customer experience and establish your presence in the digital economy.

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Matt Schwartz

Matt Schwartz

Vice President & Managing Partner, SAP Practice, North America

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Anna Bianchi

Enterprise Applications Services Leader, GBS Europe

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