Business Survival by IBM

New technology is changing the way we do business. Learn how IBM Watson and Oracle are helping organizations survive and thrive in the era of digital reinvention.

Oracle Trade Promotions

Smart marketers are gaining insights from multiple data sources and macro economic factors to enhance campaign planning and execution. Oracle ‘Smarter’ Trade Promotions enhances campaign planning with Cognitive Solutions from IBM Watson.

With the power of Cognitive, you can:

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Build campaigns using social, customer sentiment and personality traits

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Generate higher quality leads and increase profitability

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Lower cost of operations and maximize ROI

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Improve sales and lead conversion rates

Oracle Workforce Engagement Advisor

Forward thinking companies are retaining their best talent by capitalizing on their strengths and abilities. The Oracle Workforce Engagement Advisor enhances employee engagement and productivity with Cognitive Solutions from IBM Watson.

With the power of Cognitive, you can:


Engage employees at a personal level right from onboarding

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Build more productive employee relationships

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Identify and prioritize candidates and their skill gaps

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Proactively plan career development and succession

Watson Procurement Intelligence

Watson and Oracle Procurement Cloud give you easy access to insights that co-mingle unstructured and structured data. Watson makes data from external news sources readily available to identify new supply and supplier risks.

With the power of Cognitive, you can:

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Easily access the information you need during sourcing and buying negotiations

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Quickly identify alternative parts during shortages and research their optimal price

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Effortlessly track commodity price fluctuations in the market

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Optimize purchase prices while mitigating supply chain risks

Watson Field Tech Advisor

Many organizations' field technicians lack an effective knowledge tool to quickly diagnose and resolve complex issues. Watson Field Tech Advisor Services empower field techs by giving them fast and easy access to the best possible solution to a service request.

With the power of Cognitive, you can:

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Increase first time fix and field technician productivity

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Access multiple content sources to gain a consolidated view

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Combine understanding from across the organization

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Incorporate IoT, predictive maintenance, image, audio and video

Watson Engagement Advisor

As competition and buyer empowerment increases, the customer experience will play a key role in creating a competitive advantage. Watson Engagement Advisor can help you increase satisfaction by providing customers the answers they want efficiently and at scale.

With the power of Cognitive, you can:


Respond appropriately and effectively 24/7

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Help customers find answers in a natural, engaging way

increase image scale

Deliver tailored customer services at scale

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Increase customer engagement beyond simple automation

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