Speed time to market

A building materials manufacturer is increasing agility, improving service, and saving $1 billion over ten years


Attract customers

A telecommunications company is improving its customer experience and adding 2.5 million customers a month


Foster innovation

A Spanish bank is adding mobility, cloud and social computing while saving €400 million in ten years

Outsourcing’s next act

Unique partnerships dedicated to business outcomes

The outsourcing market has been traditionally defined in terms of cost and efficiency. And those are still important expectations of any sourcing engagement. But a confluence of technology trends – including cloud, mobile, social and big data — is opening up new potential for these sourcing relationships to go beyond simple cost-cutting. When done right, these partnerships foster innovation, drive growth and enable transformation in companies large and small. And business leaders across the C-suite are now looking for partners that can add significant strategic value.

CEO 69 percent of CEOs are partnering for innovation. CMO 92 percent of CMOs are increasing external partnerships for customer and data analytics. CIO 65 percent of CIOs are partnering extensively to change their mix of skills, expertise and capabilities.

The power of partnership

At IBM, we believe that partnership implies a sharing of business goals and complete transparency between two organizations. That is how we approach all of our client relationships. And in so doing, we offer our partners the full depth and breadth of our capabilities, including:

True understanding of the client’s business

Thousands of sourcing engagements around the world inform every project

Industry-leading expertise

More than 100 years of experience working with clients in every industry on six continents

Flexibility and responsiveness

50 global delivery centers and 65,000 service delivery personnel means continuous availability to our expertise

Support for all delivery models

From traditional IT to managed services to cloud, we tailor the delivery method to meet your needs

Horizontal expertise, vertical integration

1,100 software products backed by a century of systems integration expertise

Deep market and industry knowledge

8,000 business analytics consultants in 18 different industries

Continual innovation

$6 billion a year on research spending, 3,000 active researchers, and 5 Nobel Laureates

Global scale

425,000 IBMers in 170 different countries that speak 165 different languages

The full spectrum of sourcing

IBM delivers the entire stack of sourcing needs, from infrastructure to applications to business processes. And we deliver these services through a spectrum of implementation approaches – including managed services and cloud — selected, tailored, and integrated to meet your needs.


It all starts with a conversation

Working in partnership with IBM begins with a conversation about how your business needs can be served by our capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact an IBM representative today to explore the possibilities.

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The power of partnership

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